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Aubergine is fine dining that works

In an age of democratic all-day, anything-goes dining, Aubergine has gone the other way, upping the exclusivity factor and cementing itself as a special-occasion night out. In saying that, understand that this little restaurant at the Griffith shops is anything but old-fashioned. Nor is it stuffy. It simply focuses on being a special place to dine, with a wine list like no other, and food that is intricate without being annoying, up to date and highly seasonal. Brown butter ice cream, almond praline, and frozen lemon myrtle milk. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong Aubergine has…

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RPCS3 Emulator Turns Old PS3 Games Into Works of Art

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. For many years, PlayStation 3 emulation was a contradiction in terms. Sony’s unique CPU architecture, known as the Cell Broadband Engine, is fundamentally different than any other CPU that’s ever come to market. While the Xbox 360 and PS3 share some DNA, Cell was legendarily difficult to optimize even when running native code. The developers at the RPCS3 project have gotten the PS3 working in emulation, however, and they’ve just added major upscaling features that…

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Why the Works of Visionary Artist Jacob Lawrence Still Resonate a Century After His Birth

At an early age, Jacob Lawrence knew something was missing from his education. “I’ve always been interested in history, but they never taught Negro history in the public schools. Sometimes they mentioned it in history clubs, but I never liked that way of presenting it. It was never studied seriously like regular subjects,” the prominent black artist once said. It was this absence of black stories and black history—and his desire for them to be considered essential to understanding the American experience—that inspired his life’s work: from simple scenes to sweeping…

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Terry Pratchett's unpublished works crushed by steamroller

A hard drive containing unfinished works by Terry Pratchett has been crushed by a steamroller, as per instructions left by the fantasy novelist. It is thought up to 10 incomplete novels were flattened at the Great Dorset Steam Fair. The six-and-a-half tonne Lord Jericho was used to roll over the hard drive several times before a concrete crusher finished off the remains. Pratchett died aged 66 in March 2015. The creator of the Discworld series had been battling Alzheimer’s disease. Before vanquishing the hard drive, Rob Wilkins, the writer’s long-serving…

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Mediterranean diet only works for the wealthy

It is ironic that it was once known as the ‘poor man’s diet‘. New research has found that the Mediterranean diet works, but only for the wealthy.  The tiny, volcanic Italian island of Pantelleria, off the coast of Sicily exemplifies the traditional primarily plant-based diet. The Mediterranean diet is better for the hearts of some. Photo: William Meppem People grow their own vegetables and deliciously ripe fruit including oranges, peaches, figs and apricots. They eat locally caught fish (and eat little red meat), drink wine, eat almonds and pistachios, wholegrain pastas,…

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