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As a working mother, how can I feel more involved with my son's school?

Q. I’m a working mum and try my best to be involved with my son’s school. I’m sick of feeling left out because so many parental social events take place after school drop-off and at lunchtime. How can I feel more included? A. Multitasking Mother, sometimes the politics of the school gate are far more hazardous than any workplace. It’s awful to feel left out. But do you really want to get to know this group? Life is too short to waste energy on people who leave us feeling inadequate….

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In praise of one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe: a dress

For almost every wardrobe crisis of the “I have nothing to wear” variety there is a solution. And it’s this: wear a dress. Nothing could be easier, or indeed, more of a straight-up power move. A dress from the Carolina Herrera collection is modelled during New York Fashion Week. Photo: AP A dress takes away the fuss, or at least the need to find a top that remotely “goes”. It’s a deliberate and definitive choice. And a dress works just as well for those seeking to assert their authority (or at…

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Alex Oxlade Chamberlain: ‘Leaving Arsenal was the hardest decision of my career, but working with Klopp was too good to turn down’

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Saturday, September 9, 2017 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain admits leaving Arsenal was the hardest decision of his life but the opportunity to work with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool was one he could not turn down. The England midfielder completed his move to Anfield on deadline dayin a deal believed to be worth up to £35million after rejecting the chance to join Premier League champions Chelsea. Oxlade-Chamberlain won the FA Cup three times during his six-year spell at Arsenal but felt he had to move on to further his career….

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Kate Winslet is the latest actor to defend working with Woody Allen

Woody Allen has never been charged with a sex crime. In the court of public opinion, however, a large segment long ago began viewing the famed director a deviant for two reasons. First, in 1992, his former partner Mia Farrow accused him of molesting his then 7-year-old adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow, an accusation Allen has denied. Then in 1997, he married Soon-Yi Previn, Farrow’s adopted daughter. At the time, he was 62 and Previn was 27. Kate Winslet, pictured in The Dressmaker, stars in Allen’s upcoming film Wonder Wheel. Photo: Supplied…

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Samsung working on home smart speaker

Samsung has confirmed it is developing its own voice-controlled “smart speaker” for the home, to rival devices by Amazon and Google. DJ Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile division, told CNBC News: “I am already working on it.” The company already has a voice-controlled assistant called Bixby on some of its devices, which can send messages and set reminders. One analyst said Samsung would have to differentiate itself from competitors. Voice-controlled smart speakers are typically used to play music, set a timer, add items to a shopping list and control other…

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AMD Clarifies Vega Price Structure, Working to Get More Card to Market

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Last week, we covered rumors that AMD might be raising its GPU prices, as reported by a UK retailer. At the time, AMD wasn’t able to offer us any kind of public comment. Now, the company has made remarks on the future of its Vega products and what consumers should expect these cards to sell for, both now and in the future. PCGamesN caught up with AMD’s Gerald Youngblood at Gamescom and asked him to…

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I used to hate working out. Here's what made me fall in love with exercise

The gym has never been the sort of place I like to be. I don’t have fond feelings for the smell of sweaty bodies gripping metal or fluorescent-lit rooms lined with mirrors. I don’t exactly feel empowered as I swing repetitiously on the elliptical (although it definitely wins over the treadmill any day). Another big reason I’m not into the gym: I have a chronic, potentially debilitating autoimmune disorder – say it with me: ankylosing spondylitis (or AS). It is a type of arthritis that primarily affects my spine (although…

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