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CES 2018: Were robots more than a gimmick at the tech show?

Media playback is unsupported on your device If you’ve ever wanted a robot to do the vacuuming, then the CES tech show has something for you. The Aeolus robot is designed to perform a range of household tasks – including mopping floors, rearranging furniture and putting away dishes. However, like many of the bots showcased in Las Vegas this year, the pressure sometimes got to it. “Aeolus has had enough,” tweeted Signe Brewster, a writer at tech site Wirecutter, after observing the bot stall inexplicably during a demo. The moment…

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Each of us streamed 1,036 songs last year (and most of them were by Ed Sheeran)

UK music fans streamed more music than ever before in 2017 – an astonishing total of 68.1 billion songs. That’s the equivalent of everyone in the country playing 1,036 tracks, or almost three continuous days of music, on sites like Apple Music and Spotify. Most of those songs were apparently by Ed Sheeran – who had four of the Top 10 biggest-selling singles of the year. Trade body the BPI says streaming now accounts for more than half (50.4%) of all music consumption in the UK. The figure is up…

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What if Peter FitzSimons were a woman?

On Sunday, Peter FitzSimons wrote a fantastic piece about how he’s managed to not only lose weight, but keep it off. In a series of colourful paragraphs, the former rugby player told those of us still wanting to lose weight to stop making excuses, and follow his lead. And his lead is a strong one – he’s lost over 40 kilograms, and he has kept it off for two years now. His secret? Well, it’s not actually a secret at all: as he urges readers, “Get off the bloody sugar, dickhead, because it’s killing you.” Peter…

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'Armenian Pizza' Is the Comfort Food You Didn’t Know You Were Missing (Recipe)

The New Yorker in me always feels at home in Armenia, a country where thin-crust pies reign supreme and everyone folds their slice. Folding is the only mess-free way to eat lahmacun (“lah-ma-joon”), the inhalable, hubcap-sized flatbread spread with spiced meat that’s sometimes called Armenian pizza. Like its Italian counterpart, lahmacun is soul-satisfying desert-island fare, hitting most of the major food groups. Its bubbly, wafer-like crust crackles between your fingers yet remains as soft and bendy as a fresh tortilla. This inevitably droops under the weight of hot, succulent ground…

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'My restless legs were like bees biting under my skin'

For years, Mary Rose struggled to get off to sleep or to stay asleep, because she felt like she was being attacked by insects. “Imagine having a swarm of bees buzzing inside the skin of your legs, biting you,” she says, describing the sensation that overwhelmed her. “It’s really very, very painful.” Now in her 80s, the art historian has a condition called restless legs syndrome (RLS), which tortures her at night. “It makes you want to scratch your legs and get up and walk about – it was just…

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Jose Mourinho: Bristol City ‘were a bit lucky’ to beat Manchester United

Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United were defeated by Bristol City in the Carabao Cup Wednesday, December 20, 2017 Jose Mourinho has claimed Bristol City were a ‘bit lucky’ to defeat Manchester United in their Carabao Cup quarter-final clash. Korey Smith scored an injury time winner to knock the holders out the competition, handing them a 2-1 defeat at Ashton Gate. Joe Bryan had earlier opened the scoring for the hosts, though Zlatan Ibrahimovic equalised for United with a free-kick that deflected past Luke Steele. But as the seconds whiled away towards…

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