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Middle-aged told to walk faster

Middle-aged people are being urged to walk faster to help stay healthy, amid concern high levels of inactivity may be harming their health. Officials at Public Health England said the amount of activity people did started to tail off from the age of 40. They are urging those between the ages of 40 and 60 to start doing regular brisk walks. They say just 10 minutes a day could have a major impact, reducing the risk of early death by 15%. But PHE estimates four out of every 10 40-…

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Walk in the Footsteps of Alexander Hamilton on This Tiny Caribbean Island

As Hamilton continues its wildly popular run on Broadway and takes theaters across the country by storm on tour, we pull back the curtain on the stage sensation and take a closer look at the formative years of its namesake on the quiet Caribbean island of Nevis. Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755 (or perhaps it was 1757—historical records vary, and even Hamilton himself was unsure of his precise birth year) on the small Caribbean island of Nevis, a body of land neighboring St. Kitts in the Lesser…

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Prince Harry 'very glad' to walk behind Diana's coffin

Prince Harry has said he is “very glad” he joined the funeral cortege for his mother, Princess Diana. Harry had previously said walking behind her coffin aged 12 was something no child “should be asked to do”. He has now told the BBC he doesn’t “have an opinion whether that was right or wrong”, but “looking back on it”, he is glad to have been part of the day. Prince William, who was 15, recalled using his fringe as a “safety blanket” during the “very long, lonely walk”. “I felt…

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