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Did couple vlogging on YouTube ruin my relationship?

Two years ago, my boyfriend Jack and I started a YouTube channel uncovering what it’s like to be in a gay interracial relationship. I remember the moment that we first sat down in front of a camera and tried to make a video together. It took hours for us to record something we were both happy with, then even longer to edit it into our debut fun and friendly vlog. When Jack and I pressed the upload button, “OurSwirlLife” was born – and the slow demise of our relationship also…

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BBC Three's Overshadowed: The vlogging drama tackling anorexia

BBC Three drama Overshadowed is a little different to most TV shows – it’s made up entirely of the vlogs of its lead character, Imogene. It’s through these videos that her followers begin to notice all is not well in her life. “I don’t think I’ve seen anything on television like this, I think it’s a new kind of concept,” says Michelle Fox, the actress who plays the teenage central character of Overshadowed. Michelle plays Imogene, a young vlogger who uploads videos every day – recorded in her bedroom, kitchen,…

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