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News: Lucrezi takes up marketing director role at Forte Village

Marco Lucrezi has been announced as the new marketing director of Forte Village, Sardinia. In his role, he will be responsible for managing the team’s activities in the award-winning resort in Sardinia. Lucrezi will bring his diverse experiences in marketing and business development, following roles at MSC Cruises, the Italian telecommunication company TIM, and most recently in the financial sector at BNP Paribas BNL banking group. He replaces Angelo Vignola, who has moved to become the new director of sales and marketing at JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa. Forte…

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Tamara Shopsin Serves Up the Old, Weird Greenwich Village

Tamara Shopsin’s new book, “Arbitrary Stupid Goal,” is a little like a meal at Shopsin’s, her family’s restaurant. It’s got a bit of everything, in a way that shouldn’t rightly work but does. Antique gumball machines; crossword puzzles; scam artists; perverted supers; foul apartments; fouler mouths; curry mixed into peanut butter; chewing gum stuck in armpits; known celebrities, like John Belushi and Joseph Brodsky, and unknown ones, like Willoughby, a basement-dwelling genius and the de-facto mayor of Morton Street—it’s all thrown into the pot, seasoned salty-sweet with a proprietary blend…

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News: Acquaforte set to open at Forte Village in October

Acquaforte will open officially on October 1st in association with the Thalasso Research Centre at Milan University. Located at the Forte Village resort, the location will become Sardinia’s first medical spa. Drawing on the prodigious healing properties of sea water, it is inspired by the historic Roman passion for bathing and the sea spas they established at nearby Nora in 3 AC. The Acquaforte medical team will offer four tailor-made programmes lasting four or seven days plus a daily activity programme. ADVERTISEMENT The programmes focus on anti-ageing, Thalasso detox, staying…

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