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Snapchat redesign is a 'flop' with users

Snapchat’s redesign, which was rolled out at the end of last year, has not gone down well with users. The refreshed look pushed out in the UK, Australia and Canada has proved unpopular, with up to 83% of reviews on the App Store being negative. Many have complained that feeds are no longer chronological and are confusing. Some have contacted Snapchat support on Twitter to air frustrations and asking it to return to the previous version of the app. One user, Leaya Reinhardt, tweeted: Mary Principato tweeted: Tech news site…

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UK drone users to sit safety tests under new law

Drone users in the UK will be required to do safety awareness tests as part of planned new legislation on their usage. Police will also be given new powers to crack down on illegal use of the unmanned aerial vehicles. The government hopes to harness new drone technology which could see them used on oil rigs, in construction, for organ transport and parcel deliveries. The bill has been welcomed by the pilots’ union, which has warned of near misses involving drones and aircraft. Balpa said there had been 81 incidents…

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Broadband and landline users to get automatic compensation

Householders who receive poor service from their telecoms provider are to get automatic compensation, the regulator Ofcom has announced. From 2019 they will get £8 a day if a fault is not fixed, paid as a refund through their bill. This is less than the £10 that was proposed when Ofcom began its consultation earlier this year. Providers will also have to pay £5 a day if their broadband or landline is not working on the day it was promised. If an engineer misses an appointment, they will have to…

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iPhone users fume over letter 'i' bug

Some iPhone users have been left frustrated after an update to the iOS operating system started inexplicably auto-correcting the letter “i” to a capital “a” and a question mark. The affected version of iOS, 11.1, is available on iPhones and iPads. “I have a $ 1,150 [£877] telephone that can’t read the letter ‘i’,” wrote Mike Murphy, a technology reporter for news website Quartz, on Twitter. Apple has described a temporary fix for the problem on its website. The fix involves editing the keyboard settings in iOS so that the…

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Russia-linked posts 'reached' 126m Facebook users in US

Facebook has said as many as 126 million American users may have seen content uploaded by Russia-based operatives over the last two years. The social networking site said about 80,000 posts were produced before and after the 2016 presidential election. Most of the posts focused on divisive social and political messages Facebook released the figures ahead of a Senate hearing where it – together with Twitter and Google – will detail Russia’s impact on the popular sites. Russia has repeatedly denied allegations that it attempted to influence the last US…

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Facebook trial lets users hide alcohol adverts

Facebook is testing a tool that lets people hide advertisements for alcohol. It is the first time a social network has let people proactively block adverts on a specific topic. The move has been welcomed by Alcohol Research UK, which says social media is “saturated” with alcohol promotions. It said advertising rules were not “fit for purpose”, but the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the UK had some of the strictest rules in the world. Media playback is unsupported on your device Hayles, from south Wales, describes herself as a…

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