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Bezos-backed 10,000 Year Clock now under construction

A clock designed to run for ten millennia without human intervention is now under construction. The 10,000 Year Clock is a project of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit organisation that wants to make “long-term thinking more common”. It is being built on property owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, beneath a mountain in the middle of a desert in Texas, There is currently no completion date scheduled for the project. The clock’s creator, American inventor Danny Hillis, first publicly shared the concept in an essay for Wired in 1995….

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Florida school shooting: FBI under pressure over failure to act

Media playback is unsupported on your device Pressure is mounting on the FBI over the agency’s failure to act on a tip that Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz might carry out an attack. Florida Governor Rick Scott said the agency’s director must resign, while Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a review, lamenting FBI “failures”. Some of those close to the 17 victims of Wednesday’s shooting also voiced dismay at the FBI’s actions. President Donald Trump on Friday met survivors of the attack in Parkland. Mr Trump and First Lady…

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Syria war: Israeli fighter jet crashes under Syria fire, military says

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet has crashed amid Syrian anti-aircraft fire after an offensive against Iranian targets in Syria, the Israeli military says. The two pilots parachuted to safety before the crash in northern Israel. It is believed to be the first time Israel has lost a jet in the Syrian conflict. Israel was carrying out strikes after the launch of an Iranian drone into Israel. The drone was intercepted. Syria opened fire after an Israeli act of “aggression”, state media said. Israeli strikes in Syria are not unusual, the…

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'Alcoholism led me to live under bush'

“I ended up living under a bush in a park in Brighton for five months. It was the nadir of 20 years of alcoholism. I’d become homeless, and I knew that something had to change otherwise I was going to drink myself to death. I decided that I had to go to rehab.” James Howard started drinking as a teenager. During his 20s, he was detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act on three separate occasions, suffering from alcoholic psychosis. When he was 33, he decided he needed treatment….

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The Farce, and the Grandeur, of Black History Month Under Trump

If you were shuttled through the American public-school system, you were likely taught that George Washington Carver invented peanut butter. It was conveyed to you that the man was a farmer who made his discovery while fumbling in a turn-of-the-twentieth-century laboratory situated in the vague geographical metaphor that is “the South.” If this is the lesson you learned, I am almost certain that it was conveyed to you with the particular gravity that is used to persuade children of the ultimate usefulness of a minority race, and I am also…

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Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle

Researchers have found more than 60,000 hidden Maya ruins in Guatemala in a major archaeological breakthrough. Laser technology was used to survey digitally beneath the forest canopy, revealing houses, palaces, elevated highways, and defensive fortifications. The landscape, near already-known Maya cities, is thought to have been home to millions more people than other research had previously suggested. The researchers mapped over 810 square miles (2,100 sq km) in northern Peten. Archaeologists believe the cutting-edge technology will change the way the world will see the Maya civilisation. “I think this is…

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