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I was promoted while on maternity leave – this shouldn't be exceptional

Two days before I gave birth to my first child, I was promoted. She was 13 days past her due date and for a while there, I thought the two events may have happened on the same day. Obviously I was on maternity leave by this point, but the timing had a nice serendipity to it. My daughter arrived after a particularly busy and gruelling time at work, and the promotion felt like the culmination of a significant period in my career. Play VideoDon’t Play Up Next Turnbull: “working intensely”…

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Missed this week's entertainment news?

The Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to dominate the news. Here, though, are some of the week’s other big stories from the world of arts and entertainment. This week we learned that Irish stand-up star and BBC quiz show panellist Sean Hughes had died aged 51. Al Murray, Katy Brand and Jason Manford were among many who paid tribute to the performer, who was also a writer and actor. Read more on this story Jennifer Lawrence revealed she was made to stand in a nude line-up and told to lose weight…

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Katherine Faw, Alice McDermott, and More: What We’re Reading This Week

“Ultraluminous,” by Katherine Faw I recently devoured “Ultraluminous,” by Katherine Faw, which will be published in December—“inhaled” might be the better verb, since the novel’s narrator is chiefly motivated by heroin. She’s a high-end prostitute who has just returned to New York after ten years in Dubai, and quickly establishes a roster of clients: “art guy,” who lives in a luxury condo in Williamsburg and takes her gallery-hopping; “calf’s brain guy,” who takes her to exotic dinners at trendy restaurants; “junk-bond guy,” now retired to the apartment he shares with…

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“Queen Sugar,” “Frasier,” and More: What We’re Watching This Week

Photograph by Alfonso Bresciani / Warner Bros. courtesy OWN “Queen Sugar” I’ve been watching “Queen Sugar” since it premièred, last year, and have grown fascinated with its soapy yet increasingly thoughtful and provocative story lines. Created and produced by Ava DuVernay (and co-executive-produced by Oprah), it is set amid the modern-day sugarcane fields of rural Louisiana, where three adult siblings have decided to take over the operations of their recently deceased father’s farm. Their struggles for control, and to connect with one another, fuel the show’s tension. “Queen Sugar” has…

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Miley Cyrus, Adanowsky, and More: What We’re Listening to This Week

Photograph by John Shearer / Getty / MTV Miley Cyrus, “Younger Now” Miley Cyrus’s brash pop chameleonism is well documented by this point. After starring in Disney’s “Hannah Montana,” she emerged with a budding tweeny beat, followed by a bawdy, tongue-flashing pop star with a questionable affinity for hip-hop. Last time around, she teamed up with the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne to make psychedelic (and, frankly, unlistenable) noise-pop. On her new album, “Younger Now,” she has returned as an understated country singer-songwriter. The album sounds something like Lucinda Williams with…

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