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EA Remains Committed to Microtransactions, and That’s Partially Our Fault

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Game publisher Electronic Arts took it on the chin late last year when fans vehemently objected to the use of microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront II. The backlash was so bad EA temporarily removed paid purchases from the game in order to retool the system, but gamers and even lawmakers are concerned about how these paid features are implemented across the industry. EA has reaffirmed its commitment to microtransactions, though. In its recent investment call,…

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First Person: Taking out the Trash? That’s Still a Man’s Job, Even for the Liberal Coastal Elite

Advertisement On a recent Monday night in San Francisco, as I lounged in the living room watching “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” out of the corner of my eye I also watched my husband, Josh, march around our house as he does every Monday night, collecting pails and tying plastic bags. Next, he dons his headlamp (which underscores: serious business), grabs his Leatherman and spends the next 15 minutes or so outside in the dark fending off raccoons and annihilating the latest crop of Amazon Prime boxes; cramming the week’s wine…

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The Sports Video Game That’s Not About Sports

In November, 2012, the Azerbaijani soccer team FC Baku hired a Swedish immigrant named Vugar Huseynzade to oversee the scouting and acquisition of new players. Although Baku’s history included two league titles, along with appearances in prestigious European competitions, the club was now struggling, and facing financial ruin. Anything was worth a shot—even entrusting the team to Huseynzade, who was unknown within the professional soccer establishment. He was a twenty-one-year-old college graduate, whose primary qualification was that he excelled at Football Manager, a computer game. The first edition of the…

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The Top-Secret New York Bar That’s Only Big Enough for Two Customers

The recording I made of my recent trip to Threesome Tollbooth, a cocktail bar on a desolate block in East Williamsburg, begins with nervous laughter—my own. I won’t say exactly why I was laughing, because that would spoil the surprise, but, roughly speaking, it was because to get to Threesome Tollbooth you must pass through a surprising, slightly foreboding small space, the kind of space in which you can imagine a dead body being stored, at least temporarily. Standing in theatrical silence in that space, our bartender for the night,…

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