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Ten gigabit home broadband tested in UK

Broadband speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) have been tested in a home in the former Olympic village in east London. Broadband operator Hyperoptic conducted the test, claiming it is the first time such speeds have been brought to a UK home using an existing ISP network rather than a dedicated line. Firms are now looking to roll out full-fibre technology in the UK. Ofcom boss Sharon White said higher speeds were becoming more necessary. “The amount of internet data used by people in the UK is…

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Broadband over 'wet string' tested for fun

Engineers at a small British internet service provider have successfully made a broadband connection work over 2m (6ft 7in) of wet string. The connection reached speeds of 3.5Mbps (megabits per second), according to the Andrews and Arnold engineer who conducted the experiment. The point of the experiment appears to have been purely to see if it was achievable. The firm does not believe there is a way to exploit the finding. “To be honest it was a bit of fun, which one of our techies decided to try out –…

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'Self-driving' lorries to be tested on UK roads

Small convoys of partially driverless lorries will be tried out on major British roads by the end of next year, the government has announced. A contract has been awarded to the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to carry out the tests of vehicle “platoons”. Up to three lorries will travel in formation, with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle. But the head of the AA said platoons raised safety concerns. The TRL will begin trials of the technology on test tracks, but these trials are expected to move to…

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Tried and tested 'miracle' face creams that actually work

Last week, the fashion world was treated to a delectable slice of gossip. Fashion director, Lucinda Chambers, fresh off her shock firing from UK Vogue, was pleased to draw back the curtain in a scathing interview on how the fashion world really operated. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t left a rabbit’s burrow: it’s highly dependent on corporations, and nobody really wears those (shamelessly expensive) clothes. The same of course, has been said about the beauty business. I mean, duh. So much of what is sold to women, is, to…

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US: N Korea tested intercontinental ballistic missile

Media playback is unsupported on your device The US says a missile fired by North Korea into the Sea of Japan was an intercontinental ballistic missile. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called it a “new escalation of the threat” to the US and the world and warned that Washington “will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea”. Pyongyang earlier described it as its first successful intercontinental ballistic missile test. US officials believe the North may now be able to fire a missile to Alaska. However, experts say it cannot accurately hit…

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