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Forgotten black Britons step out of history and onto the stage

The little-known stories of black Britons who lived centuries ago are now being told by a woman who wants to remind us that Britain’s been multicultural for much longer than most of us think. “This is a country that loves a good costume drama,” says Dawn Walton. We certainly do, but the theatre director is ruminating on why some viewers are thrown if someone from an ethnic minority appears in a historical setting. “If you have anybody of colour in a costume drama, people are really confused,” Walton continues. “They…

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Why Fast & Furious is going from screen to stage

Your average Friday night probably doesn’t involve high-speed car chases, a submarine explosion and a fuel tanker catching on fire. We hope not, anyway. But that’s exactly what fans of Fast & Furious are expecting when the first ever live incarnation of the franchise premieres in London later. The live show is an extension of the film series – but rather than being a recreation or continuation of the timeline of the films, it takes on a whole new narrative. “We have new characters that you meet at the beginning,…

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Social Q’s: Can I Stage an Intervention for a Near-Stranger’s Alcoholism?

Advertisement My sister-in-law is friends with a woman I see socially about three times a year. She is a high-functioning alcoholic: She doesn’t drink during the day but becomes a slurry obnoxious mess at parties. I avoid her, and eventually her husband steps in. But recently, my teenage stepdaughter witnessed her “drunk show” and helped the woman’s daughter through tears of anger and shame. Now I feel complicit. My sister-in-law won’t intervene. So, I would like to tell this woman she needs help. Can you suggest a diplomatic approach? ANONYMOUS…

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CES 2018: LG robot Cloi repeatedly fails on stage at unveil

A robot created by LG to help users control their smart home repeatedly failed on stage at its CES debut. Cloi was meant to be the centrepiece of the South Korean firm’s presentation where it was supposed to show how new artificial intelligence tech could enhance use of kitchen appliances. Instead it gave no response to three consecutive commands beyond blinking. Experts say the demo represented a “disastrous” debut for the bot, which was mocked on social media. The event was the first press conference of the morning at the…

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Lin-Manuel Miranda: The man who made Hamilton a stage phenomenon

Few stage shows have matched the level of anticipation created in London by the musical Hamilton, which has its press night this week. In New York, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s show became a phenomenon when it opened in 2015 and Miranda became a huge star almost overnight. But what did he do before Hamilton? When in 2010 Lin-Manuel Miranda posted his wedding video online he was doing what thousands of Americans do each year. By then Miranda was becoming known as co-author and star of the musical In the Heights, which had…

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Jay-Z brings cancer survivor on stage

Jay-Z halted his show in California on Saturday to bring a young fan onstage after learning she had beaten cancer not once, but twice. The rapper paused to read Christina Cruz’s home-made sign, which said: “I Beat Cancer 2X 2 C U! I LOVE U!!! SELFIE OR HUG?” “You beat cancer twice?” the star said. “I gotta give you at least a hug.” He then brought the woman up on stage and posed for several photos with her, as the crowd cheered. “This is exactly who my message was for,”…

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