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A Fresh Look for Smithsonian's Oldest Art Museum

The oldest art museum on the National Mall is also the newest, as the Freer Gallery of Art reopened with a string of gala events October 14 and 15, after being closed nearly two years for renovation. In that a time, the granite exterior of the Smithsonian’s first art museum, opened in 1923, was cleaned, repaired and restored.  Inside, the infrastructure and technological systems were upgraded, the carpeting removed, and the original terrazzo floors restored. The auditorium was upgraded, Wi-Fi improved, and architectural details were refinished as marble baseboards were installed….

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Take a Tour of the Smithsonian's Asian Pacific Collections this Autumn

Seasoned D.C. museumgoers know that the Freer and Sackler galleries, reopening October 14, are prime destinations for those looking to explore the breadth of Asian culture. its ever-expanding diaspora and its role in shaping America’s collective identity. But Freer|Sackler is by no means the only place in town to see affecting Asian museum collections. For those seeking a longer, more meandering journey through the stories of Asians and Pacific Islanders this fall, this new Smithsonian-wide tour, “Stories Across Asian Pacific America,” put together by curator Adriel Luis of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center,…

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From Egyptian Cats to Crime Scenes, Here's a Preview of the Smithsonian's Upcoming Shows

Whether your passion lies in Asian or American artifacts; photography or philately; crime scenes, cats or commanders in chief; postmodernism, printmaking or Persian history, the exhibitions opening this fall at the Smithsonian museums across Washington, D.C. and in New York City are sure to contain something up your alley. Freer|Sackler Museum High on the list of Washington D.C. happenings this fall will be the October 14 reopening of  the Freer|Sackler Museum, which comes on the heels of the Freer Gallery’s two-year renovation. In honor of the revitalization of the gallery and the…

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At the Smithsonian's first Asian-American Lit Fest, Writers Share Falooda, Politics and Poetry

Tanzila Ahmed, with a streak of purple in her hair and tigers’ faces glaring fiercely from the fabric of her dress, takes the stage at the Smithsonian’s 2017 Asian American Literature Festival. She opens a copy of her recent poetry chapbook and begins to read. Her voice, quiet and intimate, holds the audience in its grip: I have lost my origin story She is buried six feet under America’s soil Wrapped in white No nation state can define her now. The lines from “Mom’s Belonging,” one of the poems in…

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