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Trump denies crude slur against migrant countries

US President Donald Trump has denied using crude words attributed to him about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. Reports that he had called them “shithole countries” in an Oval Office meeting generated a backlash worldwide. One UN official called the remarks racist and said they opened “the door to humanity’s worst side”. But Mr Trump has tweeted that “this was not the language” he used in a meeting about immigration. He wrote that the language he used was “tough, but this was not the language used”. What was he…

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Reggie Yates leaves Top of the Pops after 'offensive' Jewish slur

Presenter Reggie Yates will not host this year’s Top of the Pops holiday specials after making “ill-considered remarks” in a podcast interview. Yates apologised last month for using the phrase “fat Jewish guy” to refer to managers in the music industry. He has now tweeted to say he has “taken the decision to step down” from hosting the music shows, which were due to air on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. The presenter added that he apologised “unreservedly to the Jewish community”. In the Halfcast Podcast, hosted by DJ…

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WeChat translates 'black foreigner' into racial slur

Chinese messaging app WeChat has apologised after its software used the N-word as an English translation for the Chinese for “black foreigner”. The company blamed its algorithms for producing the error. It was spotted by Ann James, a black American living in Shanghai, when she texted her Chinese colleagues to say she was running late. Ms James, who uses WeChat’s translation feature to read Chinese responses, got the reply: “The [racial slur] is late.” Horrified, she checked the Chinese phrase – “hei laowai” – with a co-worker and was told…

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YouTube star PewDiePie apologises for using racial slur

YouTube star PewDiePie has apologised for using the “n-word” during a video live stream, saying he was an “idiot”. “It was something that I said in the heat of the moment,” he said in a YouTube post that has already racked up almost five million views. “I said the worst word I could possibly think of and it just sort of slipped out,” he continued. The 27-year-old Swede – real name Felix Kjellberg – said there were “no excuses” for what he said. “I’m just an idiot, but that doesn’t…

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YouTube star PewDiePie makes racial slur

The world’s highest paid YouTube star, PewDiePie, has used the “n-word” during an online broadcast. The 27-year-old Swede – real name Felix Kjellberg – could be heard using the racial slur while he was playing a video game during a live streaming. After using the term, he apologised and said: “I don’t mean that in a bad way.” He has previously had to defend himself over allegations of anti-Semitism, and was suspended from Twitter for making jokes about so-called Islamic State. In February, some of his videos were found to…

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Mayweather uses homophobic slur after accusing McGregor of racism

Warning: Some of the language in this story may cause offence. Floyd Mayweather directed a homophobic slur at Conor McGregor after accusing him of making racist comments during the media tour to promote their Las Vegas fight. Former five-weight boxing world champion Mayweather will face UFC lightweight title-holder McGregor in 12 rounds under boxing rules in August. “He called black people ‘monkeys’,” said the American, 40, during a news conference at Wembley Arena on Friday. Then, once the pair entered a boxing ring at the event for the official promotion,…

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