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North Korea willing to hold talks with US, says South Korea

North Korea is willing to hold talks with US, South Korea says. The announcement came after Gen Kim Yong-chol met South Korean President Moon Jae-in ahead of the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is attending the ceremony. US officials have ruled out meeting the North Korean delegation. The US says North Koreans pulled out of a meeting with Vice-President Mike Pence during the opening ceremony. The Korean rapprochement has been seen as a move by the North to drive a wedge between the…

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New mother says she 'found bandages in my body'

The NHS is investigating claims by a new mother who says she found bandages in her body seven weeks after giving birth at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough. “I took out a large piece of decomposing material from inside me that was soaked in blood,” Alexandra Loredana told BBC News. Ms Loredana added that she had suffered from thrush and ‘light vaginal wounds’. A hospital trust spokesman told the BBC: “We are aware. We have started an investigation.” The new mother, from Slough, Berkshire, gave birth to baby Dominic in January….

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Trump says violent video games 'shape' young minds

President Trump has vowed to “do something” about the violence in games and films watched by younger people. In a meeting at the White House on school safety, President Trump said the violence played a role in shaping the way people saw the world. The meeting was held the week after a school shooting in Florida in which 17 people died. Some experts disputed the link between games and violence saying research showed no connection between the two. ‘Desensitised people’ In comments made during the meeting, President Trump condemned the…

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Sipping acidic fruit teas can wear away teeth, says study

Sipping acidic drinks such as fruit teas and flavoured water can wear away teeth and damage the enamel, an investigation by scientists has shown. The King’s College London team found that drinking them between meals and savouring them for too long increased the risk of tooth erosion from acid. The research, in the British Dental Journal, looked at the diets of 300 people with severe erosive tooth wear. It said the problem was increasing as people snacked more. Fruit squashes, cordials, fruit teas, diet drinks, sugared drinks and flavoured water…

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Drug errors cause appalling harm and deaths, says Hunt

Drug errors cause appalling levels of harm and deaths, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt says, as new data suggests millions of mistakes are being made. GPs, pharmacists, hospitals and care homes may be making 237 million errors a year – the equivalent of a mistake made for every five drugs handed out. The study said most caused no problems, but in more than a quarter of cases the mistakes could have caused harm. The errors could also be a factor in more than 22,000 deaths. The researchers – drawn form Manchester,…

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Elise Christie says Winter Olympic failures will not 'define' her

Media playback is not supported on this device XXIII Olympic Winter Games Venue: Pyeongchang, South Korea Dates: 9-25 February Coverage: Watch live on BBC TV, Red Button, Connected TVs, BBC Sport website and mobile app. Full coverage times British skater Elise Christie says her Winter Olympic failures do not “define” her and she will come back stronger at the next Games in Beijing. The triple world champion, 27, fell in the 500m final and 1500m short track semi-finals, and was disqualified from the 1,000m heats in Pyeongchang. Scot Christie was…

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