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Emergency room changes save Queensland hospitals millions

A new method of assessing patients with chest pain for heart attack risk has saved Queensland hospitals millions of dollars. A new “accelerated diagnostic protocol” (ADP), known as ADAPT, was introduced to 16 hospitals from October 2013 to November 2015. A different method for assessing emergency department patients with chest pain has freed up millions of dollars for Queensland hospitals. Photo: Louise Kennerley The Accelerated Chest Pain Risk Evaluation – or ACRE – project tested the results of the study in Queensland hospitals and was funded by Queensland Health. Outcomes were…

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Houston man dies trying to save sister's cat from flooding

A 25-year-old man who was electrocuted in Houston floodwaters died while trying to save his sister’s cat, his mother, JoDell Pasek, told ABC News Friday. On Tuesday, Andrew Pasek had gone to the home of his older sister, Alyssa Pasek, to check on her cat, whom he heard had been left behind, JoDell Pasek said. Andrew Pasek stepped on live electrical wire after driving to the edge of his sister’s subdivision — Bear Creek Village in northwest Houston — in an attempt to walk the five blocks to her house,…

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New meningitis test 'could save lives'

A hospital A&E department in Northern Ireland is to start using a new, rapid test for meningitis that should speed up diagnosis and save lives. Meningitis can kill in hours yet the current way to positively identify the infection takes around two days. UK researchers say the new test that the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children will use gives results in under 60 minutes. This should let doctors treat fast and accurately, rather than “just in case”. Speedy treatment is vital because the infection can quickly overwhelm the body,…

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I emigrated to Australia to try and save a dead-end relationship. It didn't work.

 I was with my previous partner for seven years, the last four of which weren’t happy for me. I wasn’t really in love with him any more. I became aggravated by little things that I used to find endearing and wished he was a lot of things he wasn’t. Three years into our relationship, and despite my niggling reservations, we emigrated to Australia. Jo Hartley asks: Why do we stay in dead-end relationships? Photo: Emmanuel Hidalgo/Stocksy We brought our second house together and embarked on our new life. I was convinced this…

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Spending money to save time may increase life satisfaction: Study

Money can’t buy love, but who says it can’t buy happiness? Spending money on time-saving services may result in greater life satisfaction, according to a new study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. An international team of researchers surveyed more than 6,000 men and women across the United States, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands about their spending habits. Those in the study who spent money on services to buy time –- by paying other people to do the cleaning or cooking, for example –- reported…

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Electricity shake-up could save consumers 'up to £40bn'

Consumers in the UK could save billions of pounds thanks to major changes in the way electricity is made, used and stored, the government has said. New rules will make it easier for people to generate their own power with solar panels, store it in batteries and sell it to the National Grid. If they work, consumers will save £17bn to £40bn by 2050, according to the government and energy regulator Ofgem. The rules are due to come into effect over the next year. They will reduce costs for someone…

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