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Snapchat redesign is a 'flop' with users

Snapchat’s redesign, which was rolled out at the end of last year, has not gone down well with users. The refreshed look pushed out in the UK, Australia and Canada has proved unpopular, with up to 83% of reviews on the App Store being negative. Many have complained that feeds are no longer chronological and are confusing. Some have contacted Snapchat support on Twitter to air frustrations and asking it to return to the previous version of the app. One user, Leaya Reinhardt, tweeted: Mary Principato tweeted: Tech news site…

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Ty Dolla $ign and the Redesign of R. & B.

Near the end of Ty Dolla $ ign’s new album, “Beach House 3,” the singer makes a startling declaration: “I think about you all the time.” This would be standard fare for almost any radio-friendly chorus since the dawn of time, but for Ty Dolla $ ign it’s a gesture of transformation. A few years ago, the singer—who once referred to women as “horses in a stable,” among other derisive descriptions—would have dismissed a line like this with a low chuckle. The rapid churn of musical appetites rarely affords artists…

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