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Atletico Madrid 0-0 Real Madrid: Derby ends in rare stalemate

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid shared a rare goalless draw in the first derby at the Wanda Metropolitano in a result that will have delighted league leaders Barcelona. The last time a LaLiga clash between the two capital clubs finished 0-0 was back in 2005, and since then only one of 39 meetings between the rivals in all competitions had failed to produce a goal – the 2014/15 Champions League quarter-final first leg. But defences ruled the roost at Atletico’s impressive new 68,000-capacity home ground, which provided an electric atmosphere…

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Rare Magical Manuscripts and Objects Go on Display at the British Library

Do you believe in magic? If not, “Harry Potter: A History of Magic,” the latest exhibition at the British Library in London, might very well make you a believer. Opened last month, the exhibition contains a collection of original manuscripts and illustrations from the popular Harry Potter series of novels by British author J.K. Rowling, along with historical objects and rare books related to magical traditions and folklore found throughout human history. The exhibition comes on the heels of the 20th anniversary of the release of “Harry Potter and the…

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Family's hardships, triumphs with son who has rare craniofacial disorder

It was a frigid February night in New York City when Magda Newman was in labor with her first child. With her husband Russel Newman by her side, she labored for nearly 17 hours before giving birth to their son. But when she finally delivered, the couple’s moment of expected happiness quickly turned to anguish. Watch the full story on ABC News “20/20” THIS FRIDAY at 10 p.m. ET “I don’t remember fainting, but I certainly remember screaming… ‘Oh my god, oh my god, what happened? What’s happened? What’s happening?”…

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Trinity Site Offers a Rare Chance to Visit Ground Zero of the World’s First Atomic Bomb Explosion

July 16, 1945 was a day that changed the world forever. At 5:29 a.m. Mountain War Time, just minutes before sunrise, the night sky above central New Mexico was illuminated in a brilliant fireball of white light as the U.S. military tested the world’s first atomic bomb. Called Trinity Site and located on the grounds of the White Sands Missile Range about 70 miles west of Alamogordo, the site is typically off limits to civilians—but on October 7, visitors can experience it firsthand during its biannual open house. Held on…

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A Rare Collection of Bronze Age Chinese Bells Tells a Story of Ancient Innovation

In the year 433 BCE, Marquis Yi of the state of Zeng was laid to rest in his four-room tomb along with his most prized possessions. These included 21 young women; bronze weapons, elaborate bronze vessels and fittings for chariots; and most famously, an enormous set of bronze bells arranged into a single musical instrument that likely required five people to play. In his afterlife, the Marquis would have everything necessary to remain happy and comfortable and to prove that he was a man of substance—the bronze bells were perhaps the most…

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Thought Lost to History, These Rare, Early Films Survived Thanks to a Crafty Showman and a Savvy Collector

In the southern and eastern part of Iowa sits the town of Washington, population 7,424. Its picturesque town square and brick storefronts, not to mention its location in the heart of the American Midwest, make it seem like your ordinary small town. It’s anything but. Washington’s State Theatre, formerly an opera house, showed its first motion picture to an astounded crowd on May 14, 1897, making it, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, “the oldest continuously operating cinema theatre in the world.” Beyond that, the theater holds a…

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Doctors warn of rare but serious liposuction complication

Doctors are highlighting a rare but serious complication of liposuction, which can lead to fat globules entering the lungs. They reported on the case of a 45-year-old woman who developed respiratory failure after fat was sucked out of her lower legs and knees. She recovered from the life-threatening condition, the Birmingham medics said. Liposuction is increasingly common in the UK and being carried out in higher risk patients, the BMJ report said. Dr Adam Ali, from Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals intensive care unit, said no previous case of fat…

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