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On Time: Paul Newman’s Rare Rolex Has Auction Watchers Buzzing

On Time By ALEX WILLIAMS Maybe you missed out on Jimi Hendrix’s “Woodstock” Stratocaster, which sold for a reported $ 1.3 million in 1993. Perhaps you were too slow to raise the paddle for the prototype Apple 1 computer, thought to be Steve Jobs’s and Steve Wozniak’s first, that fetched $ 815,000 last year. Luckily, you still have a crack at Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona. This opportunity may not seem significant to the cellphone-toting masses who think of mechanical wristwatches as anachronistic devices once used by their grandparents to tell…

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FDA OKs Pfizer drug for rare, fast-killing type of leukemia

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medicine for use against a rare, rapidly progressing blood cancer after other treatments have failed. The agency approved Pfizer Inc.’s Besponsa for patients with a type of advanced acute lymphoblastic leukemia. By then, life expectancy is low. “These patients have few treatments available and today’s approval provides a new, targeted treatment option,” Dr. Richard Pazdur, the FDA’s director for cancer drugs, said in a statement. This year an estimated 5,970 Americans will be diagnosed and 1,440 will die from the cancer,…

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Oysters and rare meat: The Royals have a banned food list (and so should we)

Becoming a royal involves making many sacrifices. Privacy, a career and, it turns out, the chance to nonchalantly throw back a freshly-shucked oyster at a mate’s wedding. Oysters, or ostreidae as they are known in curtseying circles, are on a list of foods the Royal Family is reportedly banned from eating in public. Is that sushi vegetarian? The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly banned from eating seafood at public events, lest she, or another Royal, suffer food poisoning. Photo: AP In fact, all shellfish is banned, according to the list, which…

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Case of maggots in throat offers rare look at neglect probes

In his bed at a New York state group home for the severely disabled, Steven Wenger lay helpless against a silent invader. A slimy, wriggling clump was growing around the hole in his throat near his breathing tube. Nurses peered closer and made a discovery almost unheard of in modern American health care: maggots. For Wenger, unable to walk, speak, or breathe without a ventilator since a car accident 26 years ago, it was the first of two infestations of the larval flies in his throat over successive days last…

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South Korea proposes rare military talks with North Korea

South Korea has proposed holding military talks with the North, after weeks of heightened tension following Pyongyang’s long range missile test. If they were to go ahead, they would be the first high-level talks since 2015. A senior official said talks should aim to stop “all hostile activities that raise military tension” at the fortified border between the Koreas. South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in has long signalled his intention to drive closer engagement with the North. In a recent speech in Berlin, he said dialogue with the North was more…

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The Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, A Rare Jewel of Thailand Hospitality

Photos Credit: The Dhara Dhevi Most of us are proud of our heritage, culture, and our people. In the north of Thailand, in Chiang Mai, a monument has been created to pay homage to the heritage of the Lanna people and dynasty that once ruled the region. Like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, New York’s Waldorf Astoria, or the great castles of Europe; the Dhara Dhevi is masterpiece and a rare jewel of South East Asian hospitality which has been created to honor a proud people.  Thailand is a big and…

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Cyber-bullying relatively rare, says study

Cyber-bullying is far less common than “traditional” face-to-face bullying, according to an academic survey of more than 120,000 English 15-year-olds. While 30% reported regular bullying of some form, just 3% said it happened both on and offline. Fewer than 1% said that the regular bullying they experienced was online-only. Children’s charity the NSPCC said it was receiving an increasing number of calls about cyber-bullying. The study’s authors, at the Oxford Internet Institute, wrote that their findings stood “in stark contrast to media reports and the popular perceptions that young people…

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