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'First 5G mobile net connection' claimed by Qualcomm

Qualcomm has demonstrated mobile internet speeds of 1Gbps using a 5G smartphone chip. The chipset manufacturer claims this is the first working 5G data connection on a mobile device. The fifth generation of the mobile network does not yet exist, but it promises faster data speeds and more bandwidth to carry more web traffic. Qualcomm is describing the demonstration as a “major milestone”, but one expert is playing it down. 1Gbps is equivalent to 1,000Mbps, and this speed would enable you to download a one-hour TV programme in HD from…

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Oculus Working With Qualcomm on Wireless Rift, Slashes Price in Half

A new report claims that Oculus is working with Qualcomm to design a headset that won’t require tethering to a PC or phone, and will sell for as little as $ 200. This standalone headset would be a huge step forward for the industry, and it couldn’t come at a better time for Oculus. Oculus may have first demonstrated the VR’s ability to generate community excitement, thanks to its fabulous Kickstarter debut. But the company has struggled over the last 12 months. Hardware shipments were delayed due to component shortages….

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Qualcomm seeks Apple iPhone sales ban

Qualcomm, the world’s biggest producer of mobile phone chips, has appealed for the sale of some iPhones in the US to be blocked. It claims that iPhones using chips by rivals, such as Intel, infringe six of its patents. Qualcomm said it had asked the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to investigate and impose an import block. It is the latest move in a series of disputes and lawsuits between Apple and Qualcomm. In January, Apple filed two lawsuits against Qualcomm, claiming it had abused its dominant market position. It…

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