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eGPU Tests Show Big Gains For MacBook Pros, Courtesy of AMD’s RX Vega

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. For the past few years, AMD has worked on a new generation of external GPU technology that would use Thunderbolt 3 and offer a better experience. This push got a major boost when Apple announced back in June that the MacBook Pro line would support this functionality. eGPU support is still being built into macOS High Sierra, but it’s now in a sufficient state for testing. 9to5 Mac took a Mantiz Venus MZ-02 chassis for…

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The pros and cons of 4 health food trends explained

It can be difficult to navigate through the ever-changing world of trendy health foods, and know what is actually good for your body. Registered dietitian nutritionist Maya Feller broke down the pros and cons live on “Good Morning America” today, for some of the most hyped-up foods that you may have seen taking over your social media feeds. Here is her roundup of what to know about some of the trendiest health foods out there, and her tips for how to enjoy them while reaping their full nutritional benefits. Pros:Acai…

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Two Circus Pros Juggle History and Race to Springboard Black Entertainers

Cedric Walker grew up in Baltimore, but moved to Tuskegee, Alabama, in 1971 at age 18 to become a music promoter and stage manager, and later toured with the funk and soul band The Commodores. “I was with them when we were getting $ 300 a job, and we were building and struggling,” Walker says. “I learned discipline and much more in those early years, which set me on the trajectory of seeking excellence in live entertainment.” But in 1994 Walker gave up the music business and founded a circus….

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