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News: Norwegian UK given foreign air carrier permit by US department of transport

Norwegian has welcomed news that its British subsidiary has been granted a foreign air carrier permit by the US department of transportation. The permit allows Norwegian UK to operate flights between the UK, Europe and the United States. The subsidiary was set up in 2015 to allow Norwegian to build on its growing long-haul operations by accessing bilateral traffic rights to a series of global markets. Using the new traffic rights, Norwegian has already announced plans for new routes to Singapore launching next week and Argentina starting in February 2018….

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Samsung gets self-driving car permit in California

Samsung has been granted permission to test self-driving cars on public roads in California. The permit means its driverless vehicles will be able to travel on the same routes as cars driven by humans. The firm has said it had no plans to make its own driverless cars, but instead will make control systems for so-called autonomous vehicles. In May, Samsung got permission to test self-driving cars in South Korea fitted with its own sensors and software. The company has taken several different steps recently to bolster its self-driving car…

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News: Norwegian UK granted tentative US air carrier permit

Norwegian has confirmed its British subsidiary, Norwegian UK, has been given tentative approval by the United States department of transportation for a foreign air carrier permit. The approval reaffirms that the NUK application is in full compliance with the EU–US Open Skies Agreement. When finalised by the department of transportation, the permit will allow Norwegian’s UK subsidiary to operate low-cost flights between the US and Europe. Norwegian flies from five UK airports (Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast) carrying over five million UK passengers each year to more than 50…

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