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AMD Has Cut the Performance of Some RX 560 GPUs

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. When AMD launched the RX 560 GPU, as an upgrade to the older RX 460, it upgraded the specs of the card slightly. Unlike the RX 580 and RX 570, which retained their GPU cores, texture units, and ROP configurations and simply targeted significantly higher clock speeds, the RX 560 actually changed the core configuration from 896:56:16 (RX 460) to 1024:64:16. Now, AMD has apparently changed its RX 560 configuration without giving any sign they…

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‘It was a perfect night… until Willian made a cross’ – Jurgen Klopp pleased by Liverpool’s performance against Chelsea

Jurgen Klopp spoke to talkSPORT at the end of Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea Saturday, November 25, 2017 Jurgen Klopp has admitted he was impressed by Liverpool’s performance against Chelsea, with only a Willian ‘cross’ ruining the night for the Reds. The spoils were shared at the end of a thrilling 90 minutes at Anfield, with Mohamed Salah’s opener cancelled out by a Willian goal scored with only five minutes remaining. The Brazil forward chipped Simon Mignolet from the corner of the penalty area, and on repeated viewings the goal…

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Gobble Gobble: Rating Trump’s Performance at the Turkey Pardon

This morning, at 10:58 A.M., on MSNBC, Hallie Jackson closed her daily hour at the anchor desk by teasing a trip into the field. She explained that she had witnessed the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation—“one of my very favorite White House traditions”—six times since arriving in Washington, and that she was heading to the Rose Garden for President Trump’s first such ceremony. Jackson provided a short history of this hallowed pseudo-event, describing how the turkey presentation became a ritualized pardon under George H. W. Bush—as opposed to a prelude to a Presidential…

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A shiny new kit but did England put in a performance from the past?

Media playback is not supported on this device “That,” said Eddie Jones after England’s stodgy, stuttering 21-8 win over Argentina, “was a grindathon”. He had a characteristic grin on his face as he did so, which was in stark contrast to the mute fury he was registering for most of the match. Opening matches in autumn campaigns are seldom pretty affairs. There is rust in the gears, an unfamiliar look to some combinations and a weariness in the legs of others. England were missing 12 regulars yet still ran out…

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Could fecal probiotics improve performance and recovery?

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Jonathan Scheiman was attempting to recruit athletes to hand over their fecal matter for him to study.  “I don’t lead with that,” he said at a press conference explaining his research. “I normally lead with, ‘Hi I’m Jon Scheiman from Harvard Medical School’.” Could the bacteria of elite athletes provide clues to performance and recovery? Photo: Stocksy The research fellow and geneticist was collecting their poo (which “is around 60 per cent by weight bacteria”) to sequence the microbiome in the hope of understanding “what makes…

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Mini phone maker admits performance shortcomings

The Chinese firm behind a palm-sized 4G smartphone has admitted that the handset’s performance may fall short of expectations in certain circumstances. Unihertz says the Jelly phone battery has up to three days of working time and lasts seven days on standby. But chief executive Stephen Xu told the BBC that “heavy use” could reduce battery life to three or four hours. This included keeping wi-fi and Bluetooth switched on all the time, he said. “If you use a phone quite a lot even an iPhone can’t last a day,”…

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Hospital targets missed en masse as performance slumps

The performance of hospitals across the UK has slumped with targets for cancer, A&E and planned operations now being missed en masse, BBC research shows. Nationally England, Wales and Northern Ireland have not hit one of their three key targets for 18 months. Only Scotland has had any success in the past 12 months – hitting its A&E target three times. Ministers accepted growing demand had left the NHS struggling to keep up as doctors warned patients were suffering. The findings are being revealed as the BBC launches its online…

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