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People are perplexed by this $2700 Calvin Klein sheer torso 'jumper,' they shouldn't be

Fear not the sheer torso jumper. Photo: AP Often fashion can be entirely puzzling. Sometimes, that’s its whole purpose. To stretch our imaginations, for the designers to make a statement. Occasionally fashion is the opposite of “wearable” or “suitable for the commute” – think of the special pieces created for haute couture, or the work of Japanese avant garde designer Rei Kawakubo and just this week at New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs’ pastiche of oversized outwear and fabulous turbans.  A turban and overcoat look at Marc Jacobs. Photo: AP So it’s…

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Donald Trump is wearing a navy jacket and black trousers and people have noticed

US President Donald Trump has been mocked after the White House released a picture of him wearing a navy suit jacket with black pants. The picture, which shows Trump in a meeting about “diversifying White House staff” with senator Tim Scott (the sole African-American Republican in the US senate), was quickly picked up on social media by keen-eyed fashion watchers – and, frankly, just people who wanted to have a bit of a dig at Trump – due to the president’s mismatched attire. US President Donald Trump speaks to Senator Tim Scott in…

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Girl's donated organs help a record eight people

A 13 year-old girl who died from a brain aneurysm has helped eight different people through organ donation – a record number. Jemima Layzell, from Somerset, who died in 2012, donated her heart, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, small bowel and liver, benefiting five children. Jemima’s parents said she was clever, compassionate and creative – and would have been “very proud of her legacy”. NHS Blood and Transplant said no other donor had helped as many people. Jemima collapsed during preparations for her mum’s 38th birthday party and died four days later…

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A salty subject: does salt deficiency 'predispose' people to sugar addiction?

Salt, like sugar, is one of those divisive nutrients. The broad consensus is that sugar is an unnecessary, but delicious, evil that harms our health if we have too much (what is too much depends on who you ask) while salt is necessary for survival but also, according to some, the single most harmful substance in food when had in excess. Adding an extra pinch? “Salt Bae”. Photo: Facebook Again, what is excess depends on who you ask. In a controversial new book, American cardiovascular research scientist Dr James DiNicolantonio believes we…

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Doctor Foster: What did people think about her return?

WARNING: This story contains spoilers. Doctor Foster is back on our screens, two years since the first series – and fans and critics alike seem happy to have her back. It was the most-watched television programme on Tuesday night, beating Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off. Suranne Jones reprises her role as Gemma Foster, which earned her a Bafta. The new series sees the GP’s cheating ex-husband Simon – played by Bertie Carvel – return to his former home town with his new wife. The BBC One show drew an…

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More than 170K people sign petition to honor Houston's 'Mattress Mack'

As the catastrophic floodwaters forced residents all over the Houston area out of their homes, one business owner opened his doors, offering evacuees a safe and dry place to stay. Jim McIngvale, better known as “Mattress Mack,” decided to turn his two Gallery Furniture showrooms in the city into evacuation shelters. “I decided we’d open the store and make it a shelter for all the people who were disaffected,” McIngvale recently told ABC News. “We have these giant 24-foot box trucks that can get through 5 to 6 feet of…

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