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PM's internet safety adviser urges end to password sharing

The prime minister’s special representative on internet safety has said that MPs should not be sharing their work computer passwords with staff. Baroness Shields’s advice follows an admission by three Conservative MPs that they had given their login details to their assistants. There have also been suggestions that the practice is relatively commonplace. Sharing passwords is not a breach of the UK’s Data Protection Act. But House of Commons staff are explicitly banned from disclosing their own passwords. And documents posted online by the Associated Press news agency indicate MPs…

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Password guru regrets past advice

The author of an influential guide to computer passwords says he now regrets several of the tips he gave. Bill Burr had advised users to change their password every 90 days and to muddle up words by adding capital letters, numbers and symbols – so, for example, “protected” might become “pr0t3cT3d4!”. The problem, he believes, is that the theory came unstuck in practice. Mr Burr now acknowledges that his 2003 manual was “barking up the wrong tree”. He disclosed his views in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Current…

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