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Comic-Con day 3 recap: Black Panther, Stranger Things, Westworld and more

A round-up of the film and TV events that made headlines on the second day of Comic-Con 2017. Warner Bros presents Blade Runner 2049, Justice League and Ready Player One Jared Leto showed up – via hologram and in shocking pink trousers – to introduce the Blade Runner sequel session. Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and director Denis Villeneuve were in attendance to show off new footage and talk about making the movie. Ford even addressed the long-held debate as to whether his character, Rick Deckard, is human or a replicant….

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The panther takes centre stage in Cartier’s latest bags

Ever since its 1914 debut, Cartier’s iconic feline has been sought after by royalty, models and trendsetters. The animal is said to embody femininity, yet it has the spirit of a conqueror and wiles of a seductress. One-of-a-kind high-jewellery pieces that come with a detachable brooch or pendant. According to the brand, generations of elegant women identify with the panther. Today, it appears as a streamlined symbol with highly graphic grid patterns – and takes centre stage on a range of precious bags. As observed, the Panthere De Cartier collection blends…

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