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Chatbot offers legal help to Equifax data breach victims

An artificially intelligent chatbot that provides free legal advice has been configured to help victims sue hacked credit report giant Equifax without a lawyer. The DoNotPay robot lawyer generates documents US consumers can take to the small claims court. Depending on the state, consumers can sue Equifax for up to $ 25,000 (£19,000). The Equifax data breach has affected 143 million US customers. Despite repeated requests by the BBC, Equifax has not confirmed exactly how many UK consumers were affected, but reports suggest the details of up to 44 million…

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Acid attacks: NHS offers public advice on how to

The NHS and burns specialists are giving official advice to the public on how to provide first aid after an acid attack. While still rare, the number of attacks using corrosive substances is rising. The health service said the assaults were medical emergencies and people should call 999 immediately. Contaminated clothing should be carefully removed and affected skin rinsed in running water until help arrives. In summary: report remove rinse Victims can need specialist burns treatment and sometimes eye or reconstructive surgery. Jorge Leon-Villapalos, who has treated acid attacks patients…

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Beyonce offers aid to Houston flood victims

Beyonce has pledged to “help as many” victims of Hurricane Harvey as she can, as her home city of Houston braces itself for more rainfall. “I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help,” said the star. She added she was working with her charity and her pastor “to implement a plan to help”. Houston has been hit by unprecedented levels of rain, with more set to come. Officials estimate that more than 30,000…

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Civil Rights Icon Dolores Huerta Offers Advice to a New Generation of Activists

At a robust 87 years of age, Dolores Huerta speaks with the rapidity, clarity and conviction of her younger self. During the Civil Rights Era, Huerta co-founded what is now the United Farm Workers union, resolutely dedicating her life to securing the rights of immigrant farmworkers and to combatting the fierce racism underlying their mistreatment. In today’s political climate, she sees the fundamental freedoms of her fellow Americans freshly imperiled, and has come forward to share her story with a new generation of activists seeking to effect change. In part,…

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News: Virgin Atlantic offers guests superb view of solar eclipse

As millions of Americans waited excitedly for a view of the latest social eclipse, a plane full of Virgin Atlantic customers bagged the best seat in the house – watching in awe as the moon obscured the sun at 35,000ft. Flight VS5 from London Heathrow to Miami intercepted the path of the total solar eclipse, offering holidaymakers an unrivalled, cloudless view of the natural phenomena – the first to take place coast to coast over American skies for 99 years. All 260 customers on board the Virgin Atlantic aircraft were…

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New study offers hope for early Lyme disease diagnosis

Researchers may now be able to detect Lyme disease in its earliest stages and differentiate it from other tick-borne ailments with similar symptoms, according to a new study published Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine. The new research is creating a buzz within the medical community, as one of the major setbacks when it comes to properly diagnosing Lyme disease is that it can appear very similar to other ailments spread by ticks, including Southern tick-associated rash illness (often dubbed STARI). In addition, current Lyme disease tests available often…

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