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Nintendo Switch Hacked to Run Linux, So Can We Get Save Game Backups Now?

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Hacker group Fail0verflow has announced a Switch hack that the organization claims can’t be patched or blocked by firmware updates on already-shipped Switches. They’ve published a screenshot of the device booting a Linux distribution, likely giving someone at Nintendo heartburn in the process. In case it wasn’t obvious, our Switch coldboot exploit:* Is a bootrom bug* Can’t be patched (in currently released Switches)* Doesn’t require a modchip to pull off — fail0verflow (@fail0verflow) January 16,…

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The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold the Wii U in Less Than a Year

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Nintendo hasn’t bothered to compete in the gaming spec race with Sony and Microsoft, preferring instead to focus on innovative hardware experiences. Sometimes that’s worked wonders, as with the original Wii. At other times it has been a bit of a flop, like with the Wii U. The current-gen Nintendo Switch (See on Amazon) is shaping up to be a big hit for the company. As part of its quarterly report, Nintendo said the Switch…

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Nintendo Switch overtakes the Wii U

The Nintendo Switch games console has outsold its predecessor, just 10 months after its launch. Nintendo sold 7.23 million Switch consoles in the previous quarter, bringing total sales to about 14.86 million devices. The Wii U, which went on sale in November 2012, sold 13.56 million units before it was discontinued in 2017 and was considered a commercial failure. Nintendo reported its most profitable quarter since 2009. The company announced an operating profit of 116.50 billion yen (£755m, $ 1.07 billion), up from 32.26 billion yen a year ago. The…

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Nintendo axes Miitomo, its first smartphone game

Nintendo has announced the closure of Miitomo, which it launched in 2016 as its first foray into smartphone gaming. The app was a “social experience” in which players could dress up avatars known as Mii and could pose for virtual selfies to share online. It was downloaded millions of times when it launched but struggled to maintain a large audience. Nintendo will no longer sell in-game currency and after 9 May the app will completely cease to function. Miitomo was Nintendo’s first tentative step into mobile gaming. When it was…

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Nintendo Labo: The DIY cardboard accessory for Switch

Nintendo has unveiled its latest release, and it’s a little less high-tech than you might expect. Dubbed Labo, it is a series of DIY accessories for the hit Nintendo Switch console which are made of cardboard. A preview video suggests they can transform the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers into a piano, a fishing rod, a motorbike or even a robot suit. Nintendo said the range of “interactive build-and-play experiences” would be released on 20 April. Initial pricing will start at $ 70 (£51) in the US – including a cartridge of…

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Nintendo Switch is fastest-selling US home console

The Nintendo Switch has been named America’s fastest-selling home games console. A total of 4.8 million units were sold in the US during the 10 months following the Switch’s launch there on 3 March last year. The Switch breaks tradition with the firm’s previous home consoles in allowing owners to use it as a portable console for game-playing on the move. One analyst said Nintendo had completely turned its business around. The previous record for the fastest-selling console in the US was Nintendo’s Wii, launched in 2006, which went on…

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Nintendo Launches Wii and Gamecube Games on Nvidia Shield in China

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Nintendo has been famously reluctant to allow its classic games to run on anyone else’s platform, but it’s making an exception in China. Nvidia is teaming up with Nintendo to launch the Shield Android TV box in China with an assortment of games from the Wii and Gamecube. Don’t hold your breath for these games to launch in other markets, though. Nvidia has put together multiple partnerships to bring games like Borderlands and Doom 3…

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