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Seven Must-See Museums in South Korea

The 2018 Winter Olympics are heading to South Korea! And it promises to be a paradise for sports-lovers—and for travelers. The country itself is rather small (you can get just about anywhere within a four-hour drive), so spend some time getting to know it before settling in at Olympic Village. These seven museums will help you familiarize yourself with South Korea’s history, science, art, culture and quirkiness. Museum Kimchikan, Seoul A display showing dozens of types of kimchi at Museum Kimchikan. (Ecodallaluna/Flickr) If you love kimchi, Museum Kimchikan is paradise. The whole facility…

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Putting Miniature Museums Where You Are Likely To See Them

As are many great concepts, MICRO was born of a misunderstanding — or more specifically, a mishearing. One afternoon two years ago, Charles Philipp was describing his day’s plans to his partner, Amanda Schochet. The two had met while making large-scale art in the Nevada desert. “I’m going to the smallest museum,” he told her, referring to Mmuseumm in TriBeCa, Manhattan, but instead of “smallest,” she heard “mollusk.” “She’s really into mollusks and got super excited about it,” Philipp recalls. “So I wanted to take her to a mollusk museum,…

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How This Washington, D.C. Museum Redefined What Museums Could Be

As opening speakers kicked off 50th anniversary festivities at the Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum last Friday, assembled audience members—many of them neighborhood natives—were visibly emotional. Nodding their heads and offering occasional vocal affirmations during speeches, and chatting convivially with one another in between, those gathered seemed at home in the museum, assured of their place there and glad to be sharing the moment with longtime friends and fresh faces alike. The vibe in the assembly room could not have been more appropriate given the Anacostia Museum’s mission: to bring the people of…

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Seven Must-See Museums in Norway

From a museum dedicated to the rowdy escapades of the Vikings to an institution focused on the chilling history of leprosy, Norway is filled with museums devoted to different aspects of its unique history. Here are seven worth visiting. Holmenkollen Ski MuseumOslo The Holmenkollen ski jump has been renovated more than a dozen times since opening in 1892. (einbo/iStock) Open for nearly a century, the Holmenkollen Ski Museum is considered the world’s oldest museum dedicated to skiing. And while its collection is extensive—covering more than 4,000 years of skiing history and including ancient rock…

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The Fused History of Two of Washington, D.C.'s Beloved Museums

It’s a cool April’s Day in Washington, D.C. The year is 1968. A group of women are huddled on a street corner, the majority African-American. Behind them, one can make out a shuttered storefront—that of Hecht’s department store, vandalized in the days prior by rioters enflamed by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alongside the women—some agitated, others at ease—stand five national guardsmen, looking like soldiers plucked from Vietnam with their long rifles, black boots and bulky helmets.  Not pictured in the arresting photo, taken on F Street, is a…

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Seven Must-See Museums in Austria

Austria’s cultural impact far exceeds the country’s small size. From the 18th through the early 20th century, it was home to some of the world’s most famous artists and musicians, giving rise to or hosting greats like Beethoven, Mozart and Gustav Klimt. The flourishing of the arts was due in large part to the support of the Habsburg monarchs, whose love of grandiose architecture, music and art collecting transformed Austria, and particularly Vienna, into a cultural capital.  Luckily, many of these great works, as well as pieces from the 20th century Art Nouveau and Actionism movements are now on display in the…

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Noted: A Brooklyn Museum’s Ode to Tabloid Culture

Last Friday night, visitors at the two-year-old THNK1994 Museum in Brooklyn sipped pink cocktails as they made their way through a new exhibition. The featured works included a portrait of Lindsay Lohan wearing a bikini and an ankle monitor, a sculpture made from prescription bottles and string lights, and binders of tabloid and magazine clippings. Angel Emmanuel, 23, a stylist and textile designer from Brooklyn, flipped through the binder dedicated to his favorite star: Britney Spears. “We were all a part of her experience,” he said. “We were a part…

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