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Calls to boycott new Peter Rabbit movie over 'food allergy bullying' scene

Food allergy advocacy groups are calling for a boycott of the new Peter Rabbit movie. Organisations in the United States and Australia have slammed the reimagined live-action/animated take on Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s books for its portrayal of “food allergy bullying”. This image released by Columbia Pictures shows characters Benjamin, voiced by Colin Moody, left, and Peter Rabbit, voiced by James Corden and Cottontail in a scene from Peter Rabbit. Photo: Sony Pictures A scene in the movie which has upset community groups involves rabbits intentionally attacking a human with a…

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Why Marvel's Black Panther is no ordinary superhero movie

Disclaimer: There are spoilers in this article. The Black Panther first entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2016 in Captain America: Civil War. Now he’s got his own film, which goes way beyond the usual expectations of fantasy, fight scenes and romance. Having a plot based around a black superhero is a first for Marvel, but the film builds on this concept in a massive way. Directed by Creed’s Ryan Coogler, it is set in the mythical country of Wakanda: a hidden African kingdom with incredible technological power, due…

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Vicky Krieps on why Phantom Thread is a feminist movie

Phantom Thread’s Oscar nominations rather took Vicky Krieps by surprise. Not because the Luxembourg-born actress was expecting it to be ignored, but she had completely forgotten the nominations were even happening. “I was doing press work in Berlin, and the journalists asked if I was nervous, and I said, ‘Eh?’” she laughs, recalling the day the nominations were announced. “Because I’ve been travelling so much, when I get home, I really try to just be home, with my kids, my book, my neighbours and my grocery store, I just try…

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“The Road Movie” Exploits Pain and Death, Courtesy of Russian Dashboard-Camera Footage

“The Road Movie,” which opens today, is, in effect, a snuff film, and the only reason not to call it that is to avoid attracting viewers who want to see a snuff film. “The Road Movie,” made (it’s hard to say directed) by Dimitrii Kalashnikov, is a compilation and montage of dashboard-camera videos, which he grabbed off the Internet, that record events viewed mainly through the windshields of cars in Russia. The videos, many of which rack up millions of views on YouTube, are fixed-frame—a surveillance-like static camera that looks…

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