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Argentina ends missing submarine rescue mission

The Argentine navy says it has abandoned attempts to rescue 44 crew members on board a submarine that disappeared two weeks ago. “Despite the magnitude of the efforts made, it has not been possible to locate the submarine,” navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said on Thursday. The sub, the ARA San Juan, last made contact on Wednesday 15 November. Hopes of finding survivors faded after a suspected explosion was reported near its last-known location. Why has the navy made this decision? Capt Balbi said the search for the submarine had been…

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Elon Musk pencils in 2024 for first Mars mission

Elon Musk says he aims to send people to Mars in 2024. The rocket and car entrepreneur told an audience in Adelaide, Australia, that he would begin building the necessary ships to support the mission next year. He says he is refocusing his SpaceX company to work on just one type of vehicle that could do all of the firm’s current work and interplanetary travel. Known as the BFR, this rocket system could also carry people rapidly around the Earth from city to city. “Most of what people consider to…

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