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‘Hola Hola’: KARD’s debut mini album is a valiant effort

[unable to retrieve full-text content] KARD Hola Hola DSP Media Can boys and girls really be just platonic K-pop group members? Newcomer KARD is the latest addition to a relatively limited list of co-ed groups in the genre. After releasing three pre-debut singles (Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall and Rumor), the quartet finally pushes out its first mini album. Half of […] Entertainment –

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Mini phone maker admits performance shortcomings

The Chinese firm behind a palm-sized 4G smartphone has admitted that the handset’s performance may fall short of expectations in certain circumstances. Unihertz says the Jelly phone battery has up to three days of working time and lasts seven days on standby. But chief executive Stephen Xu told the BBC that “heavy use” could reduce battery life to three or four hours. This included keeping wi-fi and Bluetooth switched on all the time, he said. “If you use a phone quite a lot even an iPhone can’t last a day,”…

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Google disables touch function on Home Mini

Google has stopped its Home Mini speakers responding when users touch them. It permanently turned off the touch activation feature after it found that sensors primed to spot a finger tap were too sensitive. Early users found that the touch sensors were registering “phantom” touches that turned them on. This meant the speakers were recording everything around them thousands of times a day. Google said it disabled the feature to give users “peace of mind”. Google’s Home Mini gadgets were unveiled on 4 October as part of a revamp of…

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Electric Mini to be built in Oxford

A fully electric version of the Mini will be built at the Cowley plant near Oxford, BMW has said. The carmaker said the model would go into production in 2019, with Oxford the main “production location” for the Mini three-door model. However, the electric motor will be built in Germany before being shipped to Cowley for assembly. BMW said it had “neither sought nor received” any reassurances from the UK on post-Brexit trading arrangements. Last year, the government faced questions about the “support and assurances” given to Nissan before the…

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