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ECHR court reverses ruling on sacking over private messages

A Romanian man should not have been fired for sending private messages at work, Europe’s top human rights court has ruled. Bogdan Mihai Barbulescu was sacked for sending the messages via the Yahoo messaging system in 2007. His employer had used surveillance software to monitor his computer activity. A Romanian court ruled in 2016 that the firm was within its rights but this has now been overturned. Mr Barbulescu successfully challenged the original decision. Some of the communications he had sent were “intimate in nature” and were sent to his…

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Modern Love: During a Night of Casual Sex, Urgent Messages Go Unanswered

Modern Love By ANDREW RANNELLS I don’t remember his last name. His first name was Brad, which is the perfect name for a relatively faceless memory from your early 20s. He was handsome, with a nice smile and startlingly blue eyes. I had always thought that when the eyes got too blue it looked like a person had no soul. You’re seeing too deeply into their head, and there’s nothing back there. But I had never dated anyone with blue eyes, and it was springtime. Brad also had a nice…

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Australian PM seeks access to encrypted messages

The Australian government says it wants new laws to force tech firms such as Apple and Facebook to provide access to encrypted messages. Some apps such as WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption, making messages unreadable if intercepted. Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has warned that encrypted messaging apps could be used by criminals and terrorists. But security experts say strong encryption protects citizens’ privacy. What’s the issue? Many countries, including Australia, have laws in place that can force messaging services to hand over a suspect’s communications to police with an appropriate…

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