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BBC to scrap £10m cuts to local radio, says Lord Hall

The BBC is to scrap its plan to cut £10m from its local radio budget, in a bid to become “more local”, director general Lord Hall has said. Speaking at an event marking the 50th birthday of BBC local radio, he promised a “renaissance” for the broadcaster’s 39 regional stations. He said the savings target – previously announced after a review of the BBC’s local services – had been cancelled. The BBC will instead invest in local radio to boost creativity, he added. BBC local radio at 50: relive the…

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Tory MP's Brexit demand to universities 'offensive' – Lord Patten

A Eurosceptic Tory MP has been accused of compiling a “hit list” of university professors who teach Brexit courses. Chris Heaton-Harris has written to universities asking for names of such professors and the content of their lectures. A lecturers’ union said the letter had the “acrid whiff of McCarthyism” – and Tory peer Lord Patten called it “idiotic and offensive”. Mr Heaton-Harris said he believed in “open” debate on Brexit. The government whip tweeted: “To be absolutely clear, I believe in free speech in our universities and in having an…

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UK mobile coverage 'deplorable', says Lord Adonis

Mobile phone coverage in the UK is “deplorable”, according to the chairman of the national infrastructure commission, Lord Adonis. The comments come on the day that Lord Adonis launches a public consultation into the UK’s infrastructure. Speaking to the BBC, he also highlighted traffic congestion. Lord Adonis said traffic speeds in London had fallen dramatically over the past five years and in much of the city were lower than in 1914. He warned that without action the UK faced gridlock on roads, railways and in the skies, along with worsening…

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Lady Lucan, the widow of Lord Lucan, found dead at London home

Lady Lucan, the 80-year-old widow of Lord Lucan, has been found dead at her home in London, police have confirmed. Officers found her body after forcing entry to the property in Belgravia on Tuesday, but her death is not believed to be suspicious, the Met Police said. Lady Lucan was one of the last people to see her husband John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, alive before he disappeared in November 1974. He vanished after the family’s nanny was found murdered at their home. Veronica, the Dowager Countess of…

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Lord of the (female) Flies criticised

Plans to film an all-female version of Lord of the Flies has come under fire on social media. Many have pointed out they think the original William Golding book would not work with girls. The story sees a group of boys stranded on a desert island but their attempt to set up a society descends into savagery. Deadline reports that Scott McGehee and David Siegel will write and direct the film. The classic book was first made into a critically acclaimed film in 1963 by Peter Brook, and again in…

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CNN cuts ties with Jeffrey Lord over 'Sieg Heil' jibe

CNN has parted company with a conservative commentator after he tweeted a Nazi salute at a prominent liberal critic. Jeffrey Lord tweeted “Sieg Heil” in response to an exchange with the head of Media Matters for America. He later said his comment had been misunderstood and that he was mocking fascists. A CNN spokesperson said in a statement: “Nazi salutes are indefensible. Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.” CNN described Mr Lord as one of its best known commentators and the first explicitly pro-Trump commentator to join the…

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UK judges need clarity after Brexit – Lord Neuberger

Britain’s most senior judge has told the government it must provide more clarity about how UK law will be developed after Brexit. Currently, UK legislation is subject to rulings made by the EU’s highest court, the European Court of Justice. Lord Neuberger said Parliament must be “very clear” in telling the judges what to do about decisions of the ECJ after the UK leaves the EU. He said judges should not be blamed for misinterpretations if it is unclear. Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted the ECJ should have no…

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