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Women earn up to 43% less at Barclays

Female employees earn up to 43.5% less at Barclays than men, according to gender pay gap figures it has submitted to the government. Only 28 of the 1,154 companies that have reported the figures have a higher median hourly pay gap than Barclays. Barclays chief executive Jes Staley said it had “more work to do” so women could progress in financial services. However, Barclays said that it paid men and women in the same roles equally. The 43.5% average gender pay gap reflects its investment bank division, Barclays International. For…

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Trump plan: Less health insurance for lower premiums

The Trump administration spelled out a plan on Tuesday to lower the cost of health insurance: give consumers the option of buying less coverage in exchange for reduced premiums. The proposed regulations would expand an alternative to the comprehensive medical plans required under former President Barack Obama’s health law. Individuals could buy so-called “short-term” policies for up to 12 months. But the coverage would omit key consumer protections and offer fewer benefits, making it unattractive for people with health problems. The plans would come with a disclaimer that they don’t…

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Love Island women 'offered less money' for other work

One of Love Island’s female stars says she has been offered “substantially” less pay for the same jobs as the male contestants since leaving the ITV show. Olivia Attwood told the Victoria Derbyshire show this included jobs with her boyfriend Chris Hughes. The female contestants discovered the disparity after speaking to each other and “doing some digging”. She said when her management approached the clients to ask why, they immediately matched the payments. Ms Attwood said there was “a lot of panic” when her management team of “very strong women”…

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The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold the Wii U in Less Than a Year

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Nintendo hasn’t bothered to compete in the gaming spec race with Sony and Microsoft, preferring instead to focus on innovative hardware experiences. Sometimes that’s worked wonders, as with the original Wii. At other times it has been a bit of a flop, like with the Wii U. The current-gen Nintendo Switch (See on Amazon) is shaping up to be a big hit for the company. As part of its quarterly report, Nintendo said the Switch…

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Teens who spend less time in front of screens are happier

In recent months, Silicon Valley executives have been speaking out about the purposely addictive designs of smartphones and social media, which make them hard to put down for anyone, but particularly teenagers. Now, a new report puts numbers to the warnings:, tying a sudden and large drop in adolescents’ happiness with the proliferation of smartphones, and finding that the more hours a day teens spend in front of screens, the less satisfied they are. The report, “Decreases in Psychological Well-Being Among American Adolescents After 2012 and Links to Screen Time…

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How to judge others (and yourself) less

I’m a life coach and I’ve secretly despised a life coach who is younger than me for a long time. She pops up in my feed with her smiley face and optimistic quotes, and I quietly judge her. My silent musings include, “She comes from a rich family – she doesn’t know real struggle!” and “She must be a fraud. Why can’t anyone else see it?” Until I met her at a party recently and she was… lovely. Sincere. Honest. Kind. It was an unexpected surprise to have months of…

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