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Learning to accept my daughter's obsession with Disney princesses

Once upon a time there was a little girl whose passion for pink was so intense that she steamrolled her princess-averse parents and ushered in a period of tulle and tiaras that would have been unimaginable just a few years earlier. It was so over the top that Cinderella might have pretended to hurl. But this story has no ending – at least not yet. For a time I (the mother in this fairy tale) worried it would end badly. I imagined that the princess obsession was a prelude to…

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At 57 I decided to enter the tech industry. It was a steeper learning curve than I imagined.

Five years ago, at 57, I decided to turn my life of experience in career management into my first software company. Perhaps I was naive, but it didn’t occur to me that I would face ageism or sexism in this new venture. This was the “innovation sector” after all – surely it would be full of progressives? I met many remarkable people who were very supportive, but I also learned that there is a small but pervasive section of tech with a distinctive ‘bro culture’ – who hadn’t really encountered someone of my background before. At an early funding pitch, I was told outright: “Anne, you need to be 35, male and cutting code to…

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Tamsin Greig on learning a 97-page play in two weeks

Tamsin Greig is in a new play. Nothing particularly unusual about that, you’re probably thinking. But Labour of Love, which opens this week, has involved a particularly intensive rehearsal period for the actress. Tamsin had to stand in at the last minute for Sarah Lancashire, who pulled out of the project due to illness. Which meant that when Tamsin took over the role, she had to learn an entire play… in two-and-a-half weeks. “I just lent very heavily on Martin [Freeman, her co-star],” the actress told BBC Radio 4’s Front…

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Learning to Love Dill, Russia’s Ubiquitous Herb

When I first travelled to Russia, on a summer program in college, I had very little grasp of practical Russian vocabulary. In school, I’d spent two years studying the language, but the curriculum had focussed on grammar, taught through modified excerpts of nineteenth-century literature. While I could recite a verse of Pushkin and challenge someone to a duel, I did not yet know how to ask for food at a store or restaurant. During my first moments in Russia, on a dusty bus from the Kazan airport, as road signs…

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Clementine Ford: I'm learning the painfully contradicting lessons of parenthood

Clem Ford: Nothing seems to cause as much whiplash as the contradictory emotions that come with parenting a small child.  Photo: Supplied   Nothing seems to cause quite as much whiplash as the rush of contradictory emotions that come with parenting a small child. Just as your precious baby claws at you, so too do the abundance of feelings that march into your life alongside your family’s new addition. There’s indescribable joy, of course. The sound of your baby laughing is a salve for even the most troubled of souls….

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Modern Love: Modern Love Podcast: Nico Tortorella Reads ‘Learning to Embrace Sexuality’s Gray Areas’

Modern Love By THE NEW YORK TIMES On this week’s podcast, the actor Nico Tortorella reads “Learning to Embrace Sexuality’s Gray Areas,” in which a chance encounter reveals the ways that love resists categorization. The author, Adam Lundquist, was a finalist in the Modern Love college essay contest. Stay tuned after the reading for conversations with him and the Modern Love editor Daniel Jones. Mr. Tortorella stars in the TV Land series “Younger.” Follow him on Instagram. Let’s block ads! (Why?) NYT > Fashion & Style

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Idolising Mayweather, learning manners and finding MMA – the making of McGregor

The Making of McGregor Listen: Thursday 17 August, 20:00-21:00 BST, BBC Radio 5 live With each obscenity, quick-witted put down and victory, Conor McGregor lights up the city that built him. This cult of personality ignites Dublin’s youth as a symbol of hope while those of a certain vintage remain vocal in their distaste for his words and uneasy with the sport he represents. Critical moments shaped his childhood, interests and mind to form a persona he labels ‘The Notorious’. But what made the man behind the manic eyes? And…

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