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Intel Leaks Details On Desktop Core i7-8809G CPU With Radeon Graphics

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Ever since Intel and AMD confirmed that they’d be bringing a new chip to market with an Intel CPU and AMD GPU, there’s been speculation about where we might see these parts. The higher power consumption on AMD’s Vega, relative to a simpler, lower-end integrated GPU, suggested the AMD+Intel solution might be confined to small desktops or larger laptops. Now, there’s at least a chance that we’ll see the chip in a socket form factor,…

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US attorney general says four charged in crackdown on leaks

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced four people have been charged over leaks as he launched a crackdown on disclosure of classified material. He said the suspects stood accused of unlawfully divulging classified information or concealing contacts with foreign intelligence officers. America’s top prosecutor said the administration has tripled the number of active leak probes since January. President Donald Trump has criticised Mr Sessions for not dealing with leaks. ‘Leak referrals exploding’ At Friday’s news conference, Mr Sessions said no government can be effective when its leaders cannot talk…

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The 'local milk people' have emerged as the meme of the Trump-Turnbull leaks

Almost like a built-in stress ball, news stories about President Donald Trump tend to be accompanied by a resulting Internet meme. Today, it is all about the “local milk people”. US President Donald Trump speaks on the phone with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. Photo: AP The US President used the phrase in his January phone conversation about immigration policy with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, which was leaked by the Washington Post overnight. According to the transcript, Trump, in response to some…

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Theresa May to warn ministers against leaks

Ministers will be told by Theresa May they should be keeping cabinet discussions private, Number 10 says. Following several leaks and briefings over the weekend, ministers will be “reminded” of their responsibilities when cabinet meets on Tuesday. On Sunday Chancellor Philip Hammond suggested colleagues opposed to his approach to Brexit had been briefing against him. It followed press reports of his cabinet remarks on public sector pay. Hammond hits back over leaks Responding to the leaks on Sunday, Mr Hammond refused to comment on newspaper reports that he said public…

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Bomb probe leaks troubling, says Trump

Media playback is unsupported on your device Leaks to American media about the investigation into the Manchester Arena attack are “deeply troubling”, US President Donald Trump has said. They were a “grave threat to our national security”, he added, and pledged to get to the bottom of them. US media published photos of evidence from the scene of Monday night’s blast. Earlier, UK police said they had stopped sharing information with the US as a consequence but those ties have now been resumed. The decision to end the suspension was…

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Leaks 'expose peculiar Facebook moderation policy'

How Facebook censors what its users see has been revealed by internal documents, the Guardian newspaper says. It said the manuals revealed the criteria used to judge if posts were too violent, sexual, racist, hateful or supported terrorism. The Guardian said Facebook’s moderators were “overwhelmed” and had only seconds to decide if posts should stay. The leak comes soon after British MPs said social media giants were “failing” to tackle toxic content. Careful policing The newspaper said it had managed to get hold of more than 100 manuals used internally…

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