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Apple confirms iPhone source code leak

Apple has confirmed that some of the source code for its iOS mobile operating system has been leaked online. The boot-up source code used on its older iOS 9 operating platform was posted on code-sharing website Github. Apple typically keeps most of its iOS source code private and ordered Github to remove the content. But it said the leak had not necessarily compromised security. In a statement, the company said the security of the iPhone did not rely on “the secrecy of its source code”. It said it always encouraged…

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Manchester hospitals cancel operations due to mains leak

Operations planned for Monday morning at hospitals in Manchester have been cancelled due to a mains leak affecting the water supply. Cancer and any urgent operations will still go ahead, the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust said. Only patients with an “urgent clinical need” should go to hospital, it added. The hospitals affected are the Royal Infirmary, the Royal Eye Hospital, Saint Mary’s Hospital and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. The trust said operations scheduled for Monday afternoon would take place, and the cancelled operations would be rescheduled as soon as…

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Travel chaos after gas leak shuts Charing Cross station

Commuters are facing major disruption after a gas leak closed parts of London’s West End. Roads are closed and Charing Cross station is shut. Police manning the cordons say they may not be lifted for another four to five hours. About 1,450 people were evacuated from a nightclub and hotel after the leak was discovered on Craven Street, just off the Strand, just after 02:00 GMT. A ruptured gas main has been detected, London Fire Brigade said. Train services are currently not running into Charing Cross and Waterloo East, which…

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HMS Queen Elizabeth: Leak found on new aircraft carrier

The UK’s new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, is leaking because of a faulty seal. The Royal Navy’s future flagship, which was commissioned by the Queen earlier this month, has a problem with one of its propeller shafts. The fault on the £3.1bn carrier was first identified during sea trials. A Royal Navy spokesman said the ship is scheduled for repair and the fault does not prevent her from sailing again early in the new year. According to the Sun newspaper, HMS Queen Elizabeth has been taking on up to…

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Morrisons data leak: Supermarket liable for staff details breach

Morrisons has been found liable for the actions of a former member of its staff who stole the data of thousands of employees and posted it online. Workers brought a claim against the company after employee Andrew Skelton stole the data, including salary and bank details, of nearly 100,000 staff. The High Court ruling now allows those affected to claim compensation for the “upset and distress” caused. The case is believed to be the first data leak class action in the UK. More on this and other Yorkshire stories Let’s…

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Details Leak on Intel’s Upcoming Radeon-Powered Hades Canyon NUC

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Earlier this week, Intel confirmed it would work with AMD to develop a new GPU for use in its NUC (Next Unit of Computing) systems. The news sent waves through the tech community, both because it had been previously rumored (and specifically denied), by Intel and because it’s the first such collaborative product effort between AMD and Intel in… well, basically ever. The two companies may work together in joint efforts to write standards or as…

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Apple engineer 'fired' over early iPhone X leak

Apple has reportedly fired one of its engineers after his daughter posted a video of the iPhone X before the official launch. The YouTube video was shot on the Apple campus in September when the young woman met her father for lunch. The video was widely shared after being spotted by tech news sites and blogs that watch Apple. She said her father was fired for breaking Apple’s strict policy that bans filming on its campus. Apple has not yet confirmed that the man has been fired nor responded to…

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