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News: Capacity increase sees profits rise at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has reported GAAP net income was $ 756 million for financial 2017, up from $ 633 million the previous year. Earnings per share for the period stood at $ 3.31 compared to $ 2.78 in the prior year.  The company generated adjusted net Income of $ 908 million or adjusted earnings per share of $ 3.96, compared to $ 776.3 million or $ 3.41 in the prior year, despite unprecedented weather-related headwinds experienced in 2017. “The strong, record performance we delivered in 2017 was the perfect…

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News: VisitBritain welcomes increase in Chinese tourism ahead of New Year

The UK has seen an increase in visits from China, and is ready to welcome more visitors ahead of Chinese New Year. The UK saw strong growth from China during the first nine months of 2017, with spending up 48 per cent and visits up 33 per cent. VisitBritain is estimating full year figures of about 330,000 visits and spending of about £667 million. Forecasts for 2018 are predicting about 349,000 visits from China to the UK with visitors spending about £722 million. Visits from China to the UK more…

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'High Holiday' on 4-20 associated with increase in fatal car crashes

Though the counterculture “High Holiday” on April 20 at 4:20 pm is a play on the “420” police code for marijuana, new analysis found it might have some very serious effects. A research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a 12 percent relative increase in fatal crashes on April 20. “Twelve percent may not sound like much, but if you consider that a small proportion of Americans celebrate 4/20,” the study’s author Dr. John Staples said, “it suggests that participation in 4/20 is fairly risky.”…

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News: Flybe sees passenger revenues increase for third quarter

Regional carrier Flybe has recorded 8.5 per cent growth in passenger revenue to £159 million, for the three months ending January 31st. The news comes as the airline also saw a 4.2 per cent reduction in seat capacity to three million over the period. Christine Ourmieres-Widener, chief executive at Flybe, said: “We are making strong progress against our sustainable business improvement plan. “During this quarter, we continued with our planned fleet and capacity reductions and delivered higher load factors, increased passenger numbers and strong unit revenue performance. “We expect this…

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News: Home Office outlines increase in UK passport costs

The Home Office has outlined plans to introduce different passport fees for online and postal applications as part of its push to increase the use of online services and its ambition to create a self-sustainable immigration and borders system. The move will see the cost of a passport application increase by around £12. However, those applying online will see rises of just £3. The proposals, which remain subject to parliamentary approval, would mean the money collected through fees will contribute to the cost of processing British passport holders as they…

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Coca-Cola to cut bottle size but increase price in face of sugar tax

Coca-Cola has announced it will cut the size of a 1.75l bottle to 1.5l and put up the price by 20p in March, because of the introduction of a sugar tax on soft drinks from April this year. However, the company said it has no plans to change its classic recipe. “People love the taste… and have told us not to change,” a spokesman said. Coca-Cola Classic contains 10.6g of sugar per 100ml. Under the terms of the government’s new tax, it will be subject to a tax of 24p…

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Hospital operations for child teeth removal increase in England

Dentists have accused the government of having a “short-sighted” approach to tooth decay in England after hospital operations to remove children’s teeth increased to nearly 43,000. There were 42,911 operations in 2016-17 – up from 40,800 the previous year and 36,833 in 2012-13, NHS figures show. The British Dental Association said England had a “second-class” dental service compared to Wales and Scotland. The government said it was “determined” to reduce the number of extractions. Doctors said many of the tooth extractions would be caused by the food and drink children…

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