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Coral Daily Download: Is the wait over for an English winner of the Champions League? Latest odds here

Listen to the Coral Daily Download Thursday, December 7, 2017 Coral’s Simon Clare joins the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast to round up the latest sporting odds. There was no such Brexit for England in Europe this week, as our teams completed our most successful Champions League group stage in history – with five Premier League teams qualifying for the last-16 for the first time. Four of those sides were winners, with Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United finishing top of their groups, while Chelsea finished second. But how are the odds looking ahead…

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Reebok is bringing back 1987, and we're here for it

Anyone who lived through the ’80s will immediately associate the British fashion brand Reebok with all things jazzercise. Whether it be Jane Fonda workouts in high-cut leotards, or old-school aerobics in glaringly white sweatbands, the classic Reebok sneaker was the shoe of choice, as women stepped out of their comfort zones for a fun workout. Reebok is launching a 2017 version of its famous 1987 workout style.  Photo: Supplied Thirty years on, the brand is jumping on the fashion revival bandwagon and re-releasing its iconic Workout sneaker, with a 2017…

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Focus: Travelling to Tel Aviv? Here is what to do!

There are a lot of places that the majority of the world dreams about travelling. When people think about travelling, they want to visit a place where they can enjoy the most with it being not very expensive. The thing is that if you want to travel and do it by not spending so much of your money, then you need to plan ahead. This means you need to make sure that you go at a time when the flights to the place you want to go to are affordable…

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League of Gentlemen reunion: 'I can't believe we're back here doing this'

“Welcome to Royston Vasey. You’ll never leave.” That sign greeted visitors to The League of Gentlemen’s fictional home town. And it’s proving true for the cult sketch show’s creators, who have been drawn back there for three Christmas specials after more than a decade away. Mark Gatiss has a grey dressing gown over a bare chest, and is wearing a long ginger wig. Reece Shearsmith is next to him in blue and white striped pyjamas. It’s daytime and the League of Gentlemen co-stars are in a meeting room in central…

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Rihanna is wearing a bath towel on Vogue Paris and we are here for it

If you think about it, the arrival of “bath leisure” as The Cut have coined it, was inevitable. There’s only so long we can be pinning pictures of street style stars in silky pyjamas or negligees paired with loafers to our Pinterest boards, contemplating doing it ourselves, before we crave more. The pyjamas as daywear and activewear as evening attire trends must, logically, evolve. And to where? Rita Ora realising her true self on the red carpet at the MTV EMA awards.  Photo: AP Well, to Rita Ora wearing a bathrobe and towel, paired with glittering…

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Modern Love: Looking for the ‘Bad Mother?’ She’s Still Here

Modern Love By PENELOPE GREEN It was 2005 when Ayelet Waldmandeclared in Modern Love that she was the only one in her Mommy and Me class who was still having sex with her husband (the novelist Michael Chabon) — and liking it. She went on to aver that she loved him more passionately than she did their four children, and that she thought she could survive their deaths, but not his. The backlash was swift and vicious, as mothers everywhere howled their protest. What kind of woman would put her…

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Is the future of sustainable food finally here?

While a 23-year-old Paul Banhaim was backpacking through Asia in the early 1990s he was struck by an incongruity. “They were literally living in dirt, a lot of these indigenous people, yet they were the happiest, healthiest people I’d ever met,” says Banhaim. “I decided to look deeper into why that was.” the health benefits of hemp oil are many.  Photo: Hemp Foods One aspect of their lifestyles that stood out to him was that their diet was different. “These people were consuming essential fatty acids, whereas around the rest of…

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