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The Wines of Gala: Dali’s Flamboyant Guide to the Nectar of the Gods

The eccentric wine guide by the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí, The Wines of Gala has been reprinted by Taschen for the first time since its first publication in 1978. This book follows-up Taschen’s reprinting of Les Diners de Gala, Dalí’s cooking guide dedicated to the pleasure of eating and cooking. A real connaisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets. This multisensory extravagant guide to wine “tasting and feeling” includes more than 140 illustrations by Dalí, ispired by the artist’s passion for the nectar of the gods. The revolutionary idea…

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Q&A: Sonam Tenphel, Tibet Tour Guide

Part two of a three-part series brought to you by Tibet Vista, a tour agency specializing in Tibet travel since 1984 (see part one here): Meet a Tibetan tour guide. All photos courtesy of Tibet Vista “This job can help others learn about Tibet and make my life significant.” —Sonam Tenphel, Tibet tour guide A group tour is only as great as the person leading it, so you want an experienced guide with both the knowledge and the passion to see it through. Enter Sonam Tenphel of Tibet Travel agency,…

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The perfect portion: A guide to healthy plating up

Staying trim is not just about what type of food you’re putting in your mouth, but also how much of it. Portion sizes can be confusing, but one thing is clear: they’ve been increasing over the past 40 years, along with obesity rates. Play VideoDon’t Play Up Next Why bicycle training wheels are ineffective Play VideoDon’t Play Video duration 03:50 More Lifestyle Videos Previous slideNext slide From fat to Fitz SMH writer Peter FitzSimons explains the simple changes he made to his diet and lifestyle to shed a massive 45…

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Running festival guide 2018: how to become a runner this year

Participants in the 2017 Sun Herald Westpac City2Surf Fun-Run. Photo: James Alcock Every year, as the collective festive hangover wears off, health-based New Years resolutions are made thick and fast. And one of the most common fitness resolutions made in those hazy early days of January is to get into running. If you’re looking to make that hastily-made promise stick, training for a fun run is a good strategy.  Anthony Caras, a personal trainer at Vision Fitness, says fun runs are a “good target” for people who haven’t exercised much before, because of their…

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A Field Guide to “Star Wars” Musical Leitmotifs

The film-music scholar Frank Lehman, an assistant professor at Tufts University, works fast: within a day of the opening of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” he had updated his “Complete Catalogue of the Motivic Material in ‘Star Wars,’ Episodes I-VIII,” which can be found online. The catalogue now includes fifty-five distinct leitmotifs—thematic ideas that point toward characters, objects, ideas, and relationships—and forty-three so-called incidental motifs, which, Lehman says, “do not meet criteria for proper leitmotifs” but nonetheless possess dramatic significance. Such beloved tunes as “The Force,” “Han and Leia,” and…

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A Guide to Argentine Meat with Pablo Rivero

When in Argentina, devouring a steak or three is inevitable, but which cuts should you choose – and why? Restaurateur and sommelier Pablo Rivero from Don Julio in Buenos Aires, ranked 13 in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 list, shares his favourites cuts of Argentine meat. Entraña or skirt “Back in the day in Argentina, entraña (skirt) was basically considered an organ. It was a cut that butchers like my grandfather used to give away to preferred clients. Entraña was the butcher’s gift while parsley was the greengrocer’s because Argentines…

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News: Expedia launches European interactive spa guide

Spa holidaymakers are being urged to dive in to a brand-new interactive resource from travel experts Expedia that’s all about the best organic spas in Europe. The clickable online map provides spa lovers with a definitive guide to the best of Europe’s spas, detailing the places with the most luxurious treatments and the most unique experiences. Each location is represented by foods and minerals associated with each region – from raspberries in Cornwall to peonies and gold in Budapest. Perfect for planning a luxury getaway, the guide to Europe’s best…

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