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Amazing Pictures from The Aviary Cocktail Book

Since its opening in 2011, The Aviary has become one of the most internationally influential cocktail bars in the world. The founders of the bar, Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas – creators and owners of Alinea restaurant in Chicago (which ranks 21th in theWorld’s 50 Best Restaurants list) – approach crafting cocktails the way they approach cooking, giving great attention to detail and proposing a wide selection of incredible drinks to their clients. The duo decided to collaborate with the Californian artists Allen and Sarah Hemberg to create a beverage cookbook…

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Brexit: What did we learn from Theresa May's Florence speech?

Prime Minister Theresa May has used a speech in Florence to set out the UK’s position on how to move Brexit talks forward. With further negotiations planned next week, what did her speech tell us about the sort of Brexit deal we might end up with? Reality Check correspondent Chris Morris has been scanning the speech. Future of the EU What’s the significance? It’s worth noting that a lot of Brexit supporters in the UK jumped on Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the European Union speech last week – in which…

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Five beauty looks from London Fashion Week that we want to copy immediately

London Fashion Week is always guaranteed to showcase the quirky side of hair and makeup trends.The glitter factor (we first caught sight of this in New York with rhinestone cowgirl eyes at Jeremy Scott) was in full swing in London on the Shrimps runway. Meanwhile thickly layered Amy Winehouse-inspired cat eyes bobbed up on multiple runways. Here we drill down on the five most wearable beauty trends we plan to copy immediately.  Night moves Charlotte Tilbury worked her magic at Versus by Versace with sweeping cat’s eye makeup that was practically shovelled…

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Lukaku asks Man Utd fans to 'move on' from chant

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku says he wants the club’s fans to “move on” from their controversial chant about him. Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out have described the lyrics, about the size of the 24-year-old’s penis, as “offensive and discriminatory”. “Great backing since I joined #MUFC,” Lukaku was quoted as saying on United’s official Twitter account. “Fans have meant well with their songs but let’s move on together.” The tweet ends: “#RespectEachOther”. “Racist stereotypes are never acceptable, irrespective of any intention to show support for a player,” said Kick It…

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Five years on, have we absorbed any lessons from Jill Meagher's murder?

 There are certain moments in history that mark a turning point for cultural understanding, acting as catalysts for change. For Victorians, one of the most brutal examples of this can be found in the now iconic image of a smiling woman gazing into the far left distance of a camera’s lens. It’s difficult to believe five years has passed since the night Adrian Bayley randomly selected Jill Meagher on Melbourne’s Sydney Road to be the vessel for his anger and fury at women everywhere; but today – September 22 – marks this sombre…

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In the Studio: Hervé Pierre: From the White House to His House

In the Studio By VANESSA FRIEDMAN In the latest installment of our video series that goes inside the private working worlds of designers, the consultant Hervé Pierre, the former creative director of Carolina Herrera who as the designer of Melania Trump’s inaugural gown shot to fame in January, reveals how he ended up as the first lady’s stylist, where he shops and whether he will start his own label. This interview has been edited and condensed. Where are we? In my apartment, which is also where I work. I live…

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How Brazilian Capoeira Evolved From a Martial Art to an International Dance Craze

Two young men dressed in white kneel on the ground, ready to begin their duel. Eyes lock onto those of his opponent. Hearts beat faster. Ancestral sounds echo forth from the berimbau, a single-stringed bow-shaped instrument. Only then do the two shake hands, and the match may commence. With a dynamic, animal-like force, the two exchange movements of attack and defense in a constant flow of exploring and exploiting each other’s strengths and weaknesses, fears and fatigues. They wait and watch patiently for that careless moment in which to drive home a…

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