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5 feng shui travel tips for a ‘lucky’ holiday

Many know of feng shui as that Chinese philosophical system that brings all the ong ah (luck) and huat ah (prosperity) in your life. In some cases, it might even bring a lover who looks like Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany to your doorstep (oh, a boy can dream!), so that nosy relatives can stop asking that dreaded marriage question. But did you know that feng shui can also influence travel luck in your life? Since it’s the Chinese New Year season, here are some tips we have fashioned based on going through…

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Six simple steps to feng shui your home

The essence of feng shui is the oneness between man and the surroundings. Since this ancient practice focuses on both the yin and yang (the forces of balance for an individual), it’s a good idea to learn how to have a fresh start for you and your space in the new year. Here, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to six simple steps that will help you head into 2017 with maximum harmony – and style – in the home. 1) Clear the clutter This sounds like a no-brainer, but…

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