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Facebook invents new unit of time called a flick

A Facebook engineer has invented a new unit of time called a flick. The flick has been designed to help developers keep video effects in sync, according to a description on the code-sharing site GitHub. A flick, derived from “frame-tick”, is 1/705,600,000 of a second – the next unit of time after a nanosecond. A researcher at Oxford University said the flick wouldn’t have much general impact but may help create better virtual reality experiences. Flicks are defined in the programming language C++, which is used to generate visual effects…

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Denmark Facebook sex video: More than 1,000 young people charged

More than 1,000 young people have been charged by police in Denmark with distributing sexually explicit material. They are accused of using Facebook Messenger to share indecent video clips of two 15-year-olds having sex. Police said it could amount to distribution of indecent images of children, as the two people filmed are under 18. Facebook tipped off the US authorities, who notified police in Denmark. One thousand and four young people from across the country are facing charges after allegedly circulating the material via the messaging app in autumn last…

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Facebook plans major changes to news feed

Facebook is to change how its news feed works, making posts from businesses, brands and media less prominent. Instead, content that sparks conversations among family and friends who use the site will be emphasised, explained chief executive Mark Zuckerberg on his page. Organisations on Facebook may see the popularity of their posts decrease as a result, the firm acknowledged. The changes will take effect over the coming weeks. “We’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content – posts from businesses, brands and media – is crowding out the personal…

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Mark Zuckerberg vows to 'fix' Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to “fix” Facebook, in what he described as his personal challenge for 2018. In a post on his page on the social network, he said it was making too many errors enforcing policies and preventing misuse of its tools. Mr Zuckerberg has famously set himself challenges every year since 2009. Facebook launched in 2004. Social media firms have come under fire for allowing so-called fake news ahead of US and other elections to spread. Facebook in particular has been criticised for allowing Russia-linked political…

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Mother of 3 receives liver transplant from complete stranger after Facebook plea

One woman’s plea for a liver donor seemed close to impossible until her message made its way to a perfect stranger, who ultimately became her perfect match. Melinda Ray, a 35-year-old wife and mother of three from Colorado, was dying from a genetic disease that was rapidly destroying her liver. “We had just had candidate after candidate being ruled out, and symptoms were progressing. They were progressing fast,” her husband James Ray told ABC News. “The days were getting harder.” Desperate to find a match, Ray moved her message to…

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Facebook ditches fake news warning flag

Facebook no longer displays red warning icons next to fake news stories shared on the platform, as it says the approach has not worked as hoped. In December 2016, the site started showing a “disputed” warning next to articles that third-party fact checking websites said were fake news. However, it said research suggested the “red flag” approach actually “entrenched deeply held beliefs”. It will now display “related articles” next to disputed news stories. “Academic research on correcting misinformation has shown that putting a strong image, like a red flag, next…

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