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Fashion models expose sexual harassment

The fashion industry is failing to deal with the problem of sexual harassment, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has been told. In the UK, professional agencies represent about 12,000 models. Here are some of their stories. Marissa “One example I can think of was for a jeans brand. I turned up at the shoot, got the clothes on, got my make-up done, and then the make-up artist then left and I was left with the photographer. “And we did the shoot and I went to the bathroom for a break….

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Facebook to expose Russian fake news pages

Facebook plans to let people see if they had “liked” pages created by “foreign actors” to spread propaganda during the US presidential election. The social network has previously said as many as 126 million Americans may have seen content uploaded by Russia-based agents over the past two years. It is building a tool to let people see whether they had followed now-deleted pages made by the Russia-based Internet Research Agency. The tool will be launched in December. The Internet Research Agency was behind hundreds of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts…

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Scam baiter: Why I risk death threats to expose online cons

In the flesh, Wayne May (not his real name) is an affable gentleman in his late 40s, softly spoken with a lilting Welsh accent. When we meet he’s casually dressed in jeans and a Batman T-shirt. He works full-time as a carer. On the net, he’s a tireless defender of scam victims and a fearless scam baiter – a person who deliberately contacts scammers, engages with them and then publishes as much information about them as possible in order to warn others. He regularly receives death threats, and his website,…

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Instagram polls expose voters' 'embarrassing' choices

Instagram has been criticised after adding a feature to its app that reveals which way people have voted. Users can add a poll when adding a picture to their Instagram “story”, and can see what their followers choose. Many users said they did not realise their choice would be visible to the poll instigator, and some said they had made embarrassing mistakes. Instagram did mention that votes would be public when it announced the feature on its blog and in the app. However, not all have watched the Instagram video…

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Easy to expose users' secret web habits, say researchers

Two German researchers say they have exposed the porn-browsing habits of a judge, a cyber-crime investigation and the drug preferences of a politician. The pair obtained huge amounts of information about the browsing habits of three million German citizens from companies that gather “clickstreams”. These are detailed records of everywhere that people go online. The researchers argue such data – which some firms scoop up and use to target ads – should be protected. The data is supposed to be anonymised, but analysis showed it could easily be tied to…

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