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Raves, Rants and Results – Everyday should be Rusev Day

With less than two weeks before Clash of Champions, SmackDown Live celebrated another Rusev Day and set a massive tag team bout for the December pay-per-view… Raves The best day of the year Take my money WWE, cos’ I’m a fully paid up believer of Rusev Day and will be proudly purchasing that t-shirt to prove it too. I’ve said before that Rusev along with Aiden English are easily the most underrated pairing in the company right now and I’m so pleased they’ve forced their way into the Tag Team…

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Cheong Kiet Cheng captures her thoughts on the everyday

A conversation with Cheong Kiet Cheng feels like a journey into one of her paintings – colourful and gossamer light, a warm breeze ever present in the revolving wheel of life. Cheong’s third solo show, Between Two Hills –The Chorus of Life, is her first since the birth of her daughter, marking a new adventure that is intensely personal and inevitably forged by familial relationships and kinship. This artist, known for her deft crafting of whimsical worlds where animals and humans roam in a fantasy wonderland, sees these paintings as…

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