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News: Office Twelve designs new Virgin lounge at Liverpool Lime Street

As part of the renovation of Liverpool Lime Street station, Office Twelve has designed a temporary first class lounge and customer information point for Virgin Trains. The space feels anything but transitional with beautiful, high-quality fixtures and fittings and an eclectic mix of bespoke and off-the-shelf furniture and lighting. Lively pops of colour, quirky details and feel-good flourishes retain Virgin Trains unmistakable brand hallmarks and legendary customer experience while the station undergoes major transformation. First class passengers can kick back and watch the world go by or work in comfort…

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Nvidia Considers Multi-Chip GPUs for Future Designs

Historically, GPUs have been designed as monolithic dies with all of their functionality under one ‘roof.’ This hasn’t always been the case — the earliest GPUs sometimes used separate chips for specific functionality. Both AMD and Nvidia have, at various times, used different cores to provide support for additional monitors or to bridge connections between PCI Express and AGP. As far as the core components of the GPU itself, however, those have been single-die affairs for a long time. That’s why it’s a tad surprising to see Nvidia is now…

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