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News: Flybe issues new profit warning as costs rise

Flybe has said, following a detailed review of aircraft maintenance, it has incurred higher than expected related costs in the first half of financial 2017. This reflects the drive to further improve the reliability of its aircraft, particularly the Bombardier Q400 turboprop, with improvements already being seen, the carrier said. A full review of the maintenance strategy has now been launched which aims at a significant improvement of aircraft performance and costs. As a result, adjusted profit before tax is currently expected to be in the range of £5-£10 million…

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F1 teams' costs rise by 14.5% in 2016

Next weekend Britain’s Lewis Hamilton could secure his fourth Formula One title at the United States Grand Prix. His Mercedes team is a staggering 145 points ahead of arch-rivals Ferrari despite the sport introducing rules this year which aimed to put the brakes on the dominance of a single outfit. They came at a hefty cost. The new regulations were designed to make for closer racing by increasing aerodynamic and mechanical grip through the introduction of wider tyres and wings. According to one of the teams it has “rewritten” the…

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Aggression, shame, winning at all costs: The real values we're teaching kids through sport

Without a doubt, this time of year is all about winning. Thanks to the last few weeks of finals fever, the media has been full of tales about underdogs triumphing and boys from the wrong side of the tracks making good because of the saving grace of sport. The football grand finals are one thing, but should we be concerned about how the high stakes attitudes of the AFL and NRL translate on the school sports field? Kasey Edwards has heard enough horror stories of school sport to regard it as a nasty cesspit. Photo:…

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Big Ben tower repair costs double to £61m

Repair costs for the Elizabeth Tower in the Palace of Westminster have now doubled to an estimated £61m, parliamentary authorities have said. The project is more complex and extensive than originally thought, when the estimate of £29m to £45m was made. While there were “unique challenges” in work on a historic site, Parliament said it was disappointed at the rising bill and would launch a review. Big Ben chimed for the last time in August pending the work beginning. The rising cost was announced as Parliament confirmed it had appointed…

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Governors back bipartisan Senate bid to control health costs

A group of Republican and Democratic governors became the latest voices Thursday to endorse a bipartisan Senate drive to control health insurance costs in defiance of President Donald Trump. Trump has threatened several times to block federal subsidies to insurers for lowering deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for millions of lower-earning customers. Analysts and the insurance industry say halting the payments would lead to new premium increases, and leaders of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee are trying to quickly write legislation that would continue those payments for…

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If childcare costs more than my salary, don't expect me to return to work

  It seems every few weeks there is another well-meaning article about why women with children should return to work regardless of the extraordinarily high cost of childcare. And they make excellent points, particularly about the hit to superannuation and career progression that women suffer as a result of long career breaks. Polly Dunning has calculated that if she returns to full-time work her family would have to fork out $ 32,900 in childcare fees for her son, Alfred. Photo: Martine Payne But why should women have to just put up…

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