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Apple confirms iPhone source code leak

Apple has confirmed that some of the source code for its iOS mobile operating system has been leaked online. The boot-up source code used on its older iOS 9 operating platform was posted on code-sharing website Github. Apple typically keeps most of its iOS source code private and ordered Github to remove the content. But it said the leak had not necessarily compromised security. In a statement, the company said the security of the iPhone did not rely on “the secrecy of its source code”. It said it always encouraged…

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Meghan Markle used code to talk about Harry on Suits set

Remember when you were 13, and you and your friends would invent secret codewords for your crushes so you could talk about them without anyone knowing? “I hope ‘mushroom’ comes to debating tonight,” you would say, somehow convinced that the idea of a fungus taking on second speaker was less suspicious than just saying the generic, white, suburban name shared by roughly ten per cent of boys in your orbit at the time. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle watch a performance Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales, on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018….

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'I love red': actress Blanca Blanco on breaking Golden Globes 2018 dress code

On a night where women had agreed to all dress the same, publicists knew exactly what they would need to do to make their clients stand out. But would anyone actually do it? Would anyone actually break the all-black unofficial dress code of the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet? The dress code set by Time’s Up, the 300-strong group of influential women formed in response to the entertainment industry’s sexual harassment scandal? Blanca Blanco arrives at the HBO Golden Globes afterparty at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018, in…

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Apple to release source code for pre-Mac computer Lisa

The source code for Apple’s Lisa, the computer that pre-dated the Mac, is to be released, allowing anyone to tinker with an important slice of IT history. The Computer History Museum (CHM) announced that it had recovered the code and that Apple was reviewing it. Once the code is cleared for release, it will be made available at some point in 2018. The computer is generally regarded to have been one of Apple’s biggest flops. CHM’s software curator Al Kossow announced the news on a Lisa mailing list for fans….

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Rose McGowan blasts Golden Globes dress code, has words for Meryl Streep

Actress and leading advocate of the #MeToo movement, Rose McGowan has blasted the idea of a black dress code for the Golden Globes, calling it hypocritical and claiming it will “affect no real change” in a tweet on Sunday. She singled out Meryl Streep in particular for working with Harvey Weinstein, whom she referred to as a “pig monster” and for her acceptance of last year’s Cecil B DeMille Award, which she called “fake”. Actresses, like Meryl Streep, who happily worked for The Pig Monster, are wearing black @GoldenGlobes in a silent…

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ARIAs 2017: Mixed bag of styles as confusion reigns over dress code

In a refreshing nose-thumbing to homogeneity, the red carpet at Australia’s top music awards, held at The Star on Tuesday, was a mixed bag of styles – including Harry Styles himself – and utter confusion about the dress code. When it was done right, it slayed. Model and beauty queen Erin Holland led the best-dressed list in a fitted Balenciaga mini dress with just the right amount of shoulder pad, while The Bachelorette’s Sophie Monk, who arrived with partner Stu Landry, wore a hot pink jacket dress by Sydney designer Mariam Seddiq that also nailed the…

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Cyber-bullying: Prince's 'stop, speak, support' code of conduct

Facebook and Snapchat are set to bring in ways to directly help young people bullied online, following an intervention by Prince William. The move is part of a code of conduct drawn up by a taskforce of technology companies, children’s charities and parents headed by the prince. It aims to encourage young people to stop negative behaviour, tell a responsible adult and support victims. Other firms, including Google and EE, have also taken part in the project. The Duke of Cambridge became interested in helping to tackle the issue shortly…

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