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Body image: Can nude yoga have a positive impact on self-esteem?

It’s around eight o’clock on a Sunday evening and I’m sitting cross-legged on the floor of a Sydney yoga studio while a stranger feeds me vegan chocolate. Oh, and we’re both naked. And so are the 22 other women taking the workshop. This is Rosie Rees‘ Women’s Nude Yoga. By the time we get to the chocolate feeding (part of a sensuality ritual) I’ve realised that yoga is only a small part of the experience. And while part of me (the cynical, Brit perhaps) is screaming “this isn’t what I…

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Swimming body apology over 'climate of fear'

British Swimming has apologised to Paralympic athletes after it was found that a former head coach “created a climate of fear”. It said an independent inquiry into complaints of bullying from 13 Para-swimmers found they and their families faced “unacceptable behaviours”. The governing body said the unnamed member of staff – understood to be ex-head coach Rob Greenwood – was found to have been “communicating with athletes in an abusive manner, as well as using derogatory terms to describe athletes”. Greenwood left his job before the investigation began, and it…

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Fitness future: Smart textiles use body heat to power devices as you exercise

New research is paving the way to power our devices by powering up our fitness. Thermal energy and solar energy are not new, but as researchers have learnt more about how to harvest that energy and convert it into power, they turned their attention to turning body heat into electricity. Jun Chen suggests being able to convert body temperature to electricity means we could “power” tech with fitness. Photo: Paul Jones This week at the 2017 Big Ideas Festival event, Professor Jun Chen of the University of Wollongong, spoke about his…

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EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Mason reveals ‘out of body experience’ after horrific head injury in Chelsea game

Ryan Mason knew straight away he had suffered a serious injury when he clashed heads with Gary Cahill in January. But after the immediate panic – feeling as if ‘something had gone off in his head’ – Hull City midfielder Mason went through an out of body experience which he feels offered him a prophetic look towards the future. It was just 13 minutes into Chelsea’s 2-0 win over the Tigers at Stamford Bridge when Mason clashed with Cahill. He had successfully cleared a lofted pass, but was struck by Cahill’s attempted header…

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Body clock scientists win Nobel Prize

Three scientists who unravelled how our bodies tell time have won the 2017 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine. The body clock – or circadian rhythm – keeps us in tune with the movement of the Earth and drives huge changes in behaviour and how our bodies function. The US scientists Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young will share the prize. The Nobel prize committee said their findings had “vast implications for our health and wellbeing”. The body clock is the reason we want to sleep at night. But…

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Abortion should not be a crime, says doctors' body

Abortions should be treated as a medical issue and not a crime, the UK’s leading pregnancy doctors say. Currently in England, Wales and Scotland it is illegal to have a termination without approval from two doctors and could mean a prison term. Abortions should be regulated in line with other procedures without criminal sanctions, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said. It says the 24-week gestational limit should not change. RCOG president Professor Lesley Regan said it had a responsibility to ensure women had access to “this key healthcare…

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My grandmother could have taught me valuable life lessons, instead she taught me body shame

“Look how small my waist was,” my grandma would say pointing to a black and white photo of her 20-something self. “I used to have the smallest waist in my town.” Based on how regularly I was shown that old photo and the number of times I was regaled with stories about my grandmother’s tiny waist, I can only assume that my grandma considered her small waist to be her greatest achievement in life. Kasey Edwards: I am determined to do everything I can to break the cycle of body…

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