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Forgotten black Britons step out of history and onto the stage

The little-known stories of black Britons who lived centuries ago are now being told by a woman who wants to remind us that Britain’s been multicultural for much longer than most of us think. “This is a country that loves a good costume drama,” says Dawn Walton. We certainly do, but the theatre director is ruminating on why some viewers are thrown if someone from an ethnic minority appears in a historical setting. “If you have anybody of colour in a costume drama, people are really confused,” Walton continues. “They…

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The TV Show ‘Black Lightning’ Gives the Superhero World a Jolt of Social Justice

The night of the “Black Lightning” world premiere kicked off with a star-studded “red carpet” event—the carpet was actually black, in honor of the show, dappled with little yellow lightning bolts and bearing the title in large block capitals. It was the evening of Saturday, January 13, the start of Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend; the venue was the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The culmination of two days’ worth of “DC in D.C.” comics-themed festivities (the bulk held at the nearby Newseum), the rollout of “Black Lightning,” whose African American title character first…

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Designers to auction black Golden Globes dresses for Time's Up

Thirty-nine black dresses and tuxedos worn by actors to the 2018 Golden Globe Awards will be auctioned to raise money for the Time’s Up legal defence fund, it was announced on Wednesday. The auction, which is being organised by publishing company Condé Nast and online auction website eBay, will see dresses worn by Viola Davis, Reese Witherspoon and more available for public purchase. Photo gallery Golden Globes 2018: Red Carpet A number of designs worn by Australian actors are among the mix, with Nicole Kidman’s Givenchy dress, Margot Robbie’s Gucci number and Hugh Jackman’s Brioni tuxedo all set to…

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Spartak Moscow criticised for 'melting chocolate' tweet about own black players

A social media message containing “racist references” posted by Russian club Spartak Moscow “shows a shocking level of ignorance”, says the chief of anti-discriminatory body Fare. Spartak tweeted a video of some black players training in sunny conditions with a message translating as “see how the chocolates melt in the sun”. “Racism is one of the biggest issues Russia faces in the year they host the World Cup. References like this show how some minorities are seen by some in the country,” said Piara Powar. “For Russia’s biggest club to…

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With “Black Mirror,” Our Dystopia Gets the Television Show It Deserves

A fourth season of “Black Mirror” crept onto Netflix in late December and began to squirm through viewers’ heads already dizzy with the exhaust fumes of the outgoing year. The six roomy new episodes of Charlie Brooker’s anthology series play like a Rod Serling snack pack of dreadful speculation. The season tells tales of love in the age of asexual reproduction, about lives patterned by artificial intelligence, and about consciousness as a carceral state. From 2011, when the first season of “Black Mirror” aired on Britain’s Channel 4, the show…

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On the Runway: The Golden Globes’ 500 Shades of Black: Did It Work?

Advertisement In the end, almost everyone did as they were asked, and wore black to the 75th Golden Globes on Sunday night. At least, the women did. About half the men — a late addition to the fashion activism program — traded in the traditional white-shirt-with-black tie for a black-shirt-with-black tie. They didn’t really matter. It was the women who made the statement. Despite fears beforehand about how a sea of black might look (“funereal” and “depressing” were some of the adjectives that came up in conversations; also “superficial”), the…

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